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Guidelines for Restaurant Reopening Post COVID19

Government guidelines for Restaurant business

Guidelines for Restaurant Reopening Post COVID19

Saturday May 30, 2020,

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Finally with certain restrictions being lifted, we might see some of the restaurants reopening soon. As it turns out there might be some new ways of operations and guidelines given by government officials to restaurant owners to ensure social distancing and better safety.

Bringing the occupancy of restaurants to a minimum and avoiding buffets altogether were some of our predictions, but as we go forward we might see certain tweaks made to restaurant operations quite, out of the box. We will look into it closely here.

For instance certain states are asking restaurants to keep track of all their visitors by maintaining logs so that they can easily have access to their names and contact info. Well, it certainly sounds like a difficult task but as of now, we will have to wait and watch as far as its practicality is concerned.

Moving forward, contactless delivery, high-end sanitization processes and social distancing norms will be the new normal in restaurants for at least a certain period of time in the future. This will include, wearing masks, compulsory temperature checks for staff, etc.

Let us now take a look at the latest ways in which restaurants are functioning or will function in the near future 

Controlled occupancy

A jam-packed restaurant visual, is it coming to your mind, then wait for a second because it is no longer going to be like that. Many states have already imposed strict laws regarding the percentage of occupancy. For instance, states like Indiana are going for an occupancy rate which is as low as half the total capacity, and for some other states its as low as 25%. California as of now has not given a specific percentage but will decide on the occupancy depending on the size of the restaurant.

You can party but not at your hardest

Birthday celebrations at restaurants can longer have more than 10 people, says certain states and for some other states it is as low as six. So partying out at a restaurant with all your buddies is not a possibility in the near future.

Uncertainty around bars

There is a very high possibility that Bar areas may remain closed for a longer period of time as no definite guidelines have been formed around their functionality and many states prefer their dormant existence as of now. However certain states are allowing the dispatch of alcohol along with takeout meals and online deliveries. 

More of curbside deliveries and take out

Even though dine-in services would be available in a restrictive way, the different states are insisting on taking out and curbside pick-up wherever possible to stick more closely to social distancing measures as a result of which there is a very high possibility that the 2019 prediction made by the “National Restaurant Association” about off-premises taking away the major business volume in future might actually come true. 

Reservations a must

Even the smallest of restaurants will have to be reserved beforehand if you have to visit them, insists most of the states bring the occupancy under control. Many restaurants have already started testing different reservation platforms to equip their restaurants with so as to be ready with a perfect platform for flawless reservations

Pre-ordering and contactless option

Contactless delivery with online payment options and pre-ordering meals are becoming more relevant with restaurants opening and the ones yet to be opened. Many technology companies are testing their options out to come up with solutions to meet these requirements. 

Buffets, a dream in the near future 

This is the most obvious one as they are prohibited and also will take some (amount of time), in fact (a large amount of time) before it comes back into the restaurant scene post-pandemic. 

As more states are reopening their restaurants, it is still too early to say which technology or operations will work out fine. Be prepared for many months of trial and error before we can zero in on the best procedures that will support the restaurant industry to function smoothly post-pandemic. 

Till then let us keep our fingers crossed!