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How to Hire Flutter App Developers? Streamline your hiring process

How to Hire Flutter App Developers? Streamline your hiring process

Friday July 10, 2020,

9 min Read

Hire Flutter App Developers

Why do you want to hire Flutter app developers over any other developers? 

It must be your first question to be answered before commencing any hiring process or taking interviews. Given that everyone has a different purpose and there is a different way to fulfill each purpose. Some hire for developing an cross-platform app to save money, some for scaling up their current developers’ team, and software companies hire Flutter developers to cater to their client projects.

So, what is your sole purpose? 

Mobile app development is a highly potential solution that holds numerous benefits for every business unit. It enables you to visualize your ideas and implement them real quick. Ahead of everything, the cross-platform app development and its cost-effectiveness open up the door for the people with brilliant ideas but less capital. Flutter is one of the cross-platform SDK and so hiring remote, full-time, or in-house Flutter developers is a good idea.

If you are a software development company, then you must hire Flutter developers. Because Flutter is the best to develop iOS and Android apps simultaneously with sustaining native apps touch. It has already captured big companies' attention by its rapid, accurate, and beautiful development solutions. 

The capacity for designing and developing complex projects with Flutter is above and beyond the others. Your company could vigorously thrive with talented Flutter developers. Nevertheless, it is a new SDK, so it can be challenging to uncover developers' potential for Flutter.

The blog is created to overcome such challenges. In this blog, we are discussing engineers' crucial skills, responsibilities, and other meaningful aspects.

So, shall we start? Let's go...

Flutter App Developers for Hire: Experience levels and Roles & Responsibilities 

Before you get confused between Flutter and other developers' responsibilities and skills, let us clarify it. 

Commonly mobile app developers divided into three levels: Junior, Middle, and Senior. Fresher to one year experienced developers called Junior. 2-4 years experienced mobile app developers known as intermediate or middle-level developers. Developers who have worked for more than 3.5 years as an app developer, honored as senior developers.

Shedding lights on Flutter developers for hire, you must know Flutter itself is a novice to mobile app development and barely three years old. Consequently, there are no developers with high experience in Flutter. Hold on; there is nothing to be afraid of. 

In the beginning, leverage the skills and experiences of native app developers, i.e., iOS and Android app developers. Their experience level in native app development will help them learn and adopt Flutter quickly. So, let's see how the standard levels of app developers are useful for 

the Flutter learning curve.

Junior developers

  • At this level, Junior developers focus on setting up their career in app development. So, they know limited tools and programming languages. Besides, they require monitoring at all times from experienced developers. Hence, they take more time to work and fill their knowledge gap.
  • Considering Flutter for this level, developers would be tricky. They would need significant time to comprehend the framework logics and architecture.

Intermediate or Senior Developers

  • After completing a number of projects, such developers can grasp the architecture of new frameworks quickly. They can tailor business logic and appropriately use adequate tools to build excellent applications.
  • The best thing is that they work on their own and do not require monitoring for any task or solving tech issues. They use their analytical skills to identify and eliminate bugs.

Well, your project requirements matter a lot in hiring developers. In some cases, despite less experience, junior developers possess the required skills for your project. However, their speed of working and learning the Flutter framework tends to be slower than experienced developers. In contrast, practiced developers can learn and execute the task faster and cater to big and complex projects.

Roles & Responsibilities of Flutter app developers 

Native app developers are responsible for developing apps for either iOS or Android. In comparison, Flutter developers have a responsibility to develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms using Google's Flutter SDK. Despite creating applications, mobile app developers are responsible for a bunch of tasks that cannot be conquered by any other team member. 

Highlighting the primary responsibilities to consider while hiring Flutter app developers;

App Design and Development

Flutter is full of beautiful UI widgets and packages. Hence, Flutter developers for hire must be able to design and create sophisticated cross-platform apps. They should be able to focus on the project requirements and predict possible bugs to prevent them.

Readable Coding 

Flutter developers must know Dart as it’s the primary language to write code in Flutter. Developers should write clean and readable code that other developers can easily understand and scale the app faster when required.

Involvement in Project cycle

The app development life-cycle brings in many specialists, namely Project managers, UI/UX designers, QA testers. Hence, Flutter developers should be open to cooperating with other team members to accomplish better outcomes. 

Bugs and glitches Fixing

Once the project gets completed, QA engineers run a range of tests to spot any malfunctions or bugs. When a QA detects a bug, then it comes to developers to fix it as soon as possible.

Be updated

The software industry is continually evolving, and new technologies, tools, and trends keep coming. So, developers are obliged to learn constantly. Besides, Flutter developers need to be aware of any minor to major updates related to Framework and other tools. 

Types of developers; Where to hire Flutter Developers?

Types of developers

Now that you are already convinced to hire Flutter developers, the cut-throat IT market offers you three options to identify and hire the best talent. With exclusive platforms available for each type of developer, you got the chance to employ skilled Freelance developers, an in-house developers’ team, or a reliable Flutter app development company

Nevertheless, each option has positive and negative consequences that have discussed below;

Freelance developers


  • With the rise of freelancing platforms, it is quick and painless to find and hire right freelance developers;
  • Such developers charged less in comparison of others, so it’s a pretty low-cost option;
  • You do not pay for any leaves or tax but only for the tasks performed by them;
  • You can hire a specialized developer for a specific task or project need;


  • Unless you are a tech-savvy, it becomes hard to examine the task or final product produced by a freelance developer; 
  • As they work remotely without being supervised, there is no one to guarantee your project deadline;
  • Sometimes they disappear without reporting;
  • It is challenging to communicate if the developer is from different time zone and language;
  • It becomes intricate to make coordination between developers and UX/UX designers;


In-house team


  • When your app is already launched and gained some profits, it is good to form an in-house team to keep improving and updating your app;
  • The in-house team of Flutter developers and designer enables regular communication between the team and share knowledge and experience;
  • The whole team can dedicatedly work for a sole project that enhances the quality of the final product;
  • It lets you customize the development process for any minor or major tech need for your project;


  • You have to bear numerous extra expenses such as buying hardware and software, electricity, advanced internet connection, etc;
  • Hiring high-skilled and talented developers for an in-house team is a cost and time-consuming process;
  • You need to pay developers every month even if there was not any task;
  • In-house developers usually paid a higher amount of salary than any freelance or outsourced developers;


Outsourcing software development company


  • Outsourcing software development company comes with a broad array of experts and experience in different industry verticals that is highly beneficial;
  • It eliminates the need of looking for any specialist if any unusual difficulty arises; 
  • No need to worry about time-to-market the product as the company ensure the project delivery;
  • You don’t require to pay monthly or so because such companies work on a contract base that has predetermined the project cost;
  • The cost of hiring outsourcing companies depend on the region of the company;


  • Communication or language barrier may occur with developers from some countries, but it can be overcome by an expert project manager with strong communication skills;
  • Because of different time zone, sometimes you may require to schedule calls;


How Much Does it cost to hire Flutter App Developers in 2020?

Concerning the question, let us clarify that typically developers from all around the world calculate the cost hourly. On top of that, the rate varies due to three factors: type of developer, level of experience, and regions.

There are not many Flutter developers to consider their salary, but mobile app developers share the similarity with Flutter developers in terms of salary. Therefore, we mentioned mobile app developers’ average hourly rates in the different continents.

Mobile App Developers’ Average Hourly Rates

Note: Above shown rates are average rates charged by developers and subject to change with time.

Ready to hire?

Now, the ball is in your court. We have curated as much information as possible about how you can hire capable Flutter developers to serve any of your purposes. However, we would suggest that if you plan to start a software development venture, then there is no best option than hiring an in-house Flutter developer team.

On the contrary, while hiring mobile developers for a startup or enterprise, outsourcing a Flutter app development company is beyond comparison. All you require is to make sure the company is from a reasonable country and have some experience in the same industry. 

If you need any further guidance or want to consult with an emerging outsourcing company, get in touch with us.