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Website Development, Web Designing, and WWW History

Read this blog for History of Website Development Designing & WWW. Also, Here You can know about the definition of the World Wide Web (www). Tim Berners Lee is the father of the world wide web. You can know here the best website development company in Jaipur.

Website Development, Web Designing, and WWW History

Thursday June 20, 2019,

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How WWW works in today's, you will be given this information. Everybody knows something or something about the internet but no one knows what's behind it. Since the beginning of internet, so far, with the Internet, a lot of use is used only with the word that you use every day.

Whenever the website, web server, web page, hyperlink are all connected to the World Wide Web. Your mind and a question will arise why the WWW is written in front of every website. Knowledge about all in this web, Network, Smartphone world is important. So let us know what the World Wide Web is.

WWW's full form is World Wide Web which is also called WWW or Web. This is an information space. Here the HTML document and web resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators. Where HTML documents are interconnected through Hyperlink. We access these web documents through internet.

This is Central Hub to store information. WWW is a primary tool through which we access or communicate the Internet. The web document is written via HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Inside the HTML document, the image, audio, video or text is placed in the Formatted Way.

Website Development, Web Designing and WWW History

Definition of World Wide Web (WWW):

These are a large network where hypertext files and web pages are linked together. Where billions of hypertext text documents store in different servers and computers. Which are accessed through the web browser?

  • We can also call it a system where the hyper text document is interred linked. Internet is used to access them.
  • We can say this virtual place where all the web pages in the world, web server, and website are accessed through HTTP protocol.
  • You can also speak in the WWW a collection of web pages, web servers, URLs, HYPERLINKS, and HTTP. These are given below.
  • These resources and users who connect to the Internet via HTTP are Medium.
  • The combination of websites and web pages in the world is called World Wide Web.
  • Whenever you type URLs in your browser, you have been connected to the WWW.
  • World Wide Web Technology

A web page contains all software and protocols for running it. The web browser is used to open these web pages. And browsers have images, text, videos and other media files. These web pages connect together via Hyperlink. All this work happens in the World Wide Web.

Before the invention of the World Wide Web, the use of the Internet was very difficult. It was difficult to find and use the information available on it. UNIX skills and specialized tools were required to find and download files available on the Internet.

Website Development History:

Tim Berners Lee is known as the Father of the World Wide Web, Berners was working in the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Switzerland. He was completely frustrated with the complex method of using the internet. Always felt the need for an easy-to-use interface program so that the information available on the internet could be easily collected.

His work in CERN always required the Internet. They used the Internet to research, and to contact their researchers with friends. The difficulties in using them in the internet prompted them to develop such a system within them that would make their work easier. In 1989, he made an offer to the Department of Electronics and Computing for Physics, CERN for the development of the World Wide Web, but this proposal did not receive much acceptance. Then again, when he deposited it after considering the reasons for the rejection of the proposal with his friend Robert Cailliao. Then the proposal was approved and the project of World Wide Web officially started. The appropriate money was also provided for the web. In 1991, internet users got information about it, but hardly people would have thought that the internet would be so simple now.

In February 1993, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) made the first version of the Mosaic available in the market for Windows. This was a boon for the World Wide Web, which gave the web the peak of success. A user-friendly graphical user interface was used in that; the Internet user of that time freed the Internet from the complexity of the experiment. In addition, Mosaic could also be operated through a mouse. Now the user could enjoy the internet - without the keyboard. Which was an amazing development of the Internet area. The web was no longer just hypertext.

After the invention of the World Wide Web, the user did not need different tools to access the various resources of the Internet. The World Wide Web was also called Hypermedia because these protocols are mutually combined text, video, and sound and used to provide graphics together as a unit of information. The web has now become a global system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

After the introduction of Mozac, the web has touched the sky of success. In 1994, after the release of the first edition of Mosaic. The Web had made more traffic than Geff on the National Science Foundation backbone.

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