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How 21 years old cousin brother making more than 1000$ dollar in a single day from Adsense ?

How 21 years old cousin brother making more than 1000$ dollar in a single day from Adsense ?

Tuesday November 27, 2018,

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Manik & Pankaj Sharma are both India born 21 year old cousin brothers who started their company at very young age and soon made it a profitable venture by just bootstrapping it. Today, they have many national and international clients and help them grow their business through digital marketing channels. They both are featured in Huffington and Paypal’s Inspiring Entrepreneurs list for the same.

How did they are making 1000$ per day from Adsense ..?

According to their Youtube video they said they created 5 website in different niche and targeted low cpc keyword with high search volume and they are not just depending on google Adsense. They have their own seo service marketplace website name Yolancer. It is a marketplace where a person will get quality product related to SEO and digital marketing like Fiver and Upwork. They are also making a customer care website targeting all types of company customer care. like jio customer care whenever people search it they find the company care number to help them solve their problem.

Here is Youtube video of Manik and Pankaj Sharma Yotube channel In which they are showing live stats of their Earning.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best- Pankaj Sharma

How did they achieve this milestone of monthly 30000$ from Google Adsense...?

Manik told that journey was not easy they started their website journey in 2011 and saw the first Adsense cheque of 500$ in 2015. Manik give up on 2013 when they are not making a single dollar from Adsense but his cousin brother Pankaj did not give up and try too many times and Today he become a successful online Entrepreneur in the world of Digital Economy.

What will they do In the future...?

Manik and Pankaj Sharma both have same motive to be a successful web entrepreneur in this Digital World. This story tells about patience and hardwork always pays off. Pankaj Sharma gives a message to newbie who want to join Digital Market World.

First learn then remove the word 'L' then you will survive in the Digital World