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Top 5 Websites to Find Company Information

Top 5 Websites to Find Company Information

Friday January 05, 2018,

6 min Read


Going for an interview and you got no clue about this new company? Are you thinking how to ace that interview? Are you an investor trying to find the company information and credibility before you invest? Or are you writing an article about a firm and you are looking for information?

I will today talk about various websites that provide such information. These websites I talk about will provide the information free of cost. Depending on the industry and your area of expertise, you will need to find the company.

Before I talk about the websites providing this information, I would like to inform you about the information processing.

A database of companies will store all the public information that companies provide online (through their website), through marketing platforms, press releases, and many more such platforms.

All of this information will be gathered under the name of the company and stored for you to research and find them. This information is useful in cases where you are planning to buy the company, attend an interview for that particular company or looking for investments.

Top 5 Websites to Find Company Information

1. Reporting Accounts

Developed by the team of developers from Bengaluru, Reporting Accounts is a site where you can find value-added corporate and industry related information, and all the other Corporate Information can be found in Reporting Accounts. With a huge database that this website has, more than 35000 companies across 75 countries can be found here.

The information that you usually look for would be the competitive analysis, litigations, international business news, company extensions, subsidiaries and more. It is a simple yet effective website with categorized menu and user-friendly interface have everything you need.

This website offers both free and paid services; it depends on the information that you need. You will get most of the information regarding a company without having to pay anything. You would need to pay only if you require some more detailed information.

You find three reports on the home page: Company reports, Subscription – all reports and industry average reports.

• Company reports mainly consist of daily corporate activity which interprets company results

• Subscription all reports offer 2 services; global basic service and professional service with extensive features respectively.

• Industry average reports are prepared on 28 industries and 165 separate possibilities (region, country, and global)

2. Google News

This is not exactly a company information provider. However, the search engine giant does host this channel to store any information related to companies. You could find crucial information such as press releases, financial information, pending litigations and many more.

With an effective user-interface, Google offers all the information that you need for a company.

Although it’s not possible to find a company profile, you will find all the necessary information needed to make smart investment decisions or even if you’re willing to buy the company and or its subsidiaries.

The well-known search engine will ensure accurate information searched and displayed as per your search keywords.

However, you will need to sort out the information that you need, since it will provide search results based on the criteria and the search algorithm provides efficient results in a matter of seconds searching the entire world wide web.

3. Find the Company

Another excellent information hub for companies is Find the Company. Any company information you are looking for is available here. The home page talks for itself and needs no introduction; however, I will talk about a few features exclusive to this website.

The home page has the search option with many search filters; choose one or more filters depending on your search criteria. You will be provided with accurate information on the company based on corporate intelligence.

Data-driven articles with visualizations and research tools for you to exploit is certainly an advantage here and you will find the company in no time.

Company Research has more than 15 - 20 options for you choose from; including labor unions, stock market indices, transportation companies and many more individual industries.

Research tools that you have access to can be used to squeeze as much information as possible based on how well you exploit them.

4. LinkedIn

A social media networking platform, LinkedIn has been used for the purpose of hiring and showcasing your IT skills mainly but also includes all industry related information. A unique feature offered on this website would be the company search.

The most frequent updates made on companies by the websites should be commended since there are countless companies and with countless changes on a daily basis, to keep track of them and update accordingly is not an easy task.

The registered member can search company information with search criteria like company size, employment opportunities, location, industry and its Fortune 500 place as well.

Any information that is remotely connected to the company will be mentioned here, you just need a keen eye to check all the information.

Connecting world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful is the website’s motto and they are quite fulfilling the promise overall.

5. CrunchBase

A database for startup ecosystem was the main intention when CrunchBase started in 2007. The latest update would be that they have more than 50000 companies in their database and hold pride in the accuracy of the stored data.

The general public can provide data which will be reviewed by a moderator before its being updated in their servers.

CrunchBase specializes in tech-based companies, startups, investors, location, people responsible and events. They are available in English, Chinese and Japanese languages.

A scalable approach to data collection from a community of contributors with powerful machine learning; CrunchBase provides accurate and most updated information about companies across the globe.

With more than 50000 active contributors, CrunchBase has been selected to be from the top 5 search engines for company information due to its features like information access, build applications and access programmable interface for applications at an affordable price.


These websites will provide the information that you are looking for. So, go ahead and use the information to your advantage in an interview or in an article.

Assess the company based on the information and you are sure to make a smart investment or buying decision. These websites will definitely help you find the information you are searching for possibly at no cost or at a minimal price.