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How 5G Will Change Your Life? Everything You Need To Know

5th Generation wireless systems, abbreviated 5G, are wireless networks which are expected to offer higher speed for end users.

How 5G Will Change Your Life? Everything You Need To Know

Wednesday March 06, 2019,

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What is 5G?

5th Generation wireless systems, abbreviated 5G, are wireless networks which are expected to offer not just higher speed for end users but also have the capacity to connect with billions of devices like driverless cars and household appliances which will be connected to the internet in the near future. It has the potential to transform the internet.

5G or 5th generation wireless systems is built with 5 technologies.

  • Millimeter Waves: 5G will be using millimeter waves to improve network speed, reduce latency and avoid network congestion.


  • Small Cell: We need to place more call antenna on street lights, building roofs. Since Range of Millimeter waves is less.


  • Massive MIMO(Multiple inputs multiple outputs): This Technology helps to reduce network interference.


  • Beamforming: It defines a clear path how network packets should travel from source to destination.


  • Full Duplex: More than one person can talk at a time. This is possible because sent and receive happens on different frequencies to ensure no interference.

Why do we need 5G?

  • It acts as a backbone for billions of devices like driver-less cars and household appliances.


  • 5G network mobile will make online gaming experience real and exciting.


  • 5G network in India provide exceptional surfing experience to users.


  • It will connect more devices in a faster way.

How fast is a 5G network?

It is actually a massive breakthrough that’s going to change the way devices connect to the internet, and more importantly, to each other.

  • 5G promises faster speeds; less latency, when connecting to the network; and the ability to connect many devices to the internet without bogging it down.
  • 5G networks can ideally be better able to handle a lot of users, lots of sensors and heavy traffic.
  • 5G can give download speed of 1Gbps, that is at least a hundred times the present data speeds. The peak of the future 5G network can reach 20GB per second.

What can 5G do? How it can change your life?


  • It can promote smart cities by connecting sensor networks that would manage traffic and quickly determine streetlight


  • Its high-speed connections might enable better remote surgery and other Surgeries can be performed, from the other side of the world, with robot surgeons controlled in real time by professional surgeons, being assisted by other professional surgeons simultaneously; saving lives in circumstances where time and distance are the difference between life and death.


  • 5G may connect self-driving cars and fuel new applications in virtual and augmented Imagine if your car could react, and communicate its reaction to many cars around it, all within a unit of time. Not solely may we have a tendency to end car accidents, hell, we have a tendency to could end traffic altogether. Many self-driving cars, going lightning fast to your destination, with no risk that they’ll hit one another.


  • Factories can be staffed by robots which will communicate their task and position to each other, permitting them to not only do additional, however do it with efficiency, and wirelessly over a 5G network.


  • Imagine a fleet of drones flying over a field of crops, using sensors on the ground, to sort, pick, feed, and water individual plants – all on their own.


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When will 5G network be launched in India?

Managing Director Sh. Mukesh Ambani had this to say at the conference-

“By 2020, India will be fully 4G connected, and by that time the country would be ready for 5G connectivity as well.”

Reliance Jio is one of the leading telecom companies in the world and in the coming years shall offer not only 5G technology to all its users but also new 5G based products and devices are also in pipeline that shall be available to users at affordable prices starting from 2021.

The telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI) has initiated the process of auctioning the 5G spectrum in India. Meanwhile, analysts have envisage that India will fully adopt 5G by 2022.

A true US mobile rollout will start in 2019. It will take a few years to go national, and even then more rural areas of the country will not be covered in the “millimetre wave” frequencies that promise the highest data speeds and capacities, said Michael Thelander, CEO of wireless consultancy Signals Research Group.

Will present smartphones support 5G network?

A big No. The present smartphones will not support 5G because they do have the hardware built in. There are still many phones that does not support 4G forget about 5G technology.

Once 5G network come into existence, the market will be pondered by new technology mobile phones.

In order to support the existing mobiles, the latest chip is required. The latest 5G technology mobiles will be expensive as they will have a flagship chipset and features.