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How To Improve The Google Ranking Of Your Website- 5 Simple Tips

How To Improve The Google Ranking Of Your Website- 5 Simple Tips

Monday January 13, 2020,

6 min Read

What everyone does if they have a query related to anything? They go to the search bar and type the keywords related to it. The majority of the time, people consider clicking on the first three to five links that appear in the search result.

Hence, solid link building is essential to develop a good rank for the web page. Having a website is not enough to get connected with the world. Improving its page rank will bring the link to the top entries on the search result. 

Search Engine Optimization can be a tricky subject because it is not so easy to predict Google's algorithm to rank the page. Years ago, Google used to show the page rank directly, which helped people to crack Google's algorithm. However, now google keeps its algorithm hidden. Therefore, bloggers and websites need to do various practices to improve page rank with keywords. 

"Overoptimizing for keywords you're trying to rank for in your SEO is a surefire way to get sandboxed. Trust Google to use Rankbrain and know what you're trying to rank for while focusing on the sprinkling of main keywords and majority of brand and naked anchors.", says Vadim Kevin Zyabkin, CEO at SERPninja.io

How To Improve The Page Ranking?

Driving free traffic on the website is only possible with the high page ranking. There are simple ways to achieve the top rank on the search result.

1. Content quality and length of the post

Quality of the content is one of the top three factors of page ranking. Also, the length of the article matters a lot. More content in the article holds more keywords. An article with more than 1000 words is much informative than a shorter blog post. People will find more educational content on longer articles and are likely to share that article with other readers. 

According to Neil Patel, an ideal article should have more than 2000 words. However, in the rush of increasing the word count, don't compromise the quality of content. 

Engaging content will keep the user on the website for more time. The longer stay-time of the user on the web page will also improve the page ranking.

2. Keywords

Keywords play the role of hero in your article. Your article primarily revolves around the keywords. Deciding keywords depending on your audience will bring more traffic to your web page. Putting extra efforts to find relevant keywords will bring the right people to your site. 

People search the keywords on the search engine. Web crawlers track the keywords on your web page to rank the page. Hence, the right amount of the right keywords makes a significant impact on page ranking.

3. Title of an article

According to copyblogger, only 20% of readers will read the whole article out of 80% who visit the link. Hence, a catchy title has a massive impact on your readers. Headlines/titles should be relevant to your blog post while being interesting enough to attract readers. An ideal title should include the keywords to make it relevant to the article. Writing an interesting title is a creative art. According to Neil Patel, the length of the title should be between 5 to 7 words; six is ideal. 

Creating more than 2 title options is good practice. Adding a specific number into the title makes it more effective — for example, '5 tips to improve the page ranking of your website'. Also, there is the psychology behind odd numbers. People tend to open the links starting with Odd numbers more often. For example, '11 tips to improve your blog content'. '13 tricks to develop a blog title'.

4. Meta description

The title of the article should not exceed 60 characters, as Google only displays the title up to 60 characters. Similarly, the meta description should not be more than 160 characters. Meta description presents a keyword-enriched description of the website content under the title and the link of the article in the search result. It helps web crawlers to gather the keywords to rank the webpage. Keyword-enriched content, title, and meta description certainly will improve SEO.

5. Link Building

Users will find millions of websites under the same keyword. Then how to make your website unique and top among all other web pages? Quality of content and its freshness is one of the factors. Adding internal links on your web page will pass off the link juice to your website. Link juice is handing the value of one page to the other on your website. Collaboration with other bloggers will also help improve ranking. Putting the well-known external links on your web page and requesting others to add your website link on their web pages will help google to know your importance.

Also, posting the links of your articles and websites on various social media platforms like Pinterest, Medium, Quora, and other trustworthy platforms will bring the audience from multiple platforms. This not only brings the right audience on your website but also will make them return on your website.

Try to follow the white-hat strategies that fall well under Google's and Bing's webmaster guidelines. To do so, write a unique and original blog post, build a genuine community, and interact with your users personally.

Adding hidden links from not so trustworthy sources and adding hidden keywords to your content to improve the ranking will violate the guidelines. This type of unethical behavior to improve page ranking will create a bad link that falls under the black-hat strategy. Search engines always have a way to stop these bad links by dropping their rank to the lowest overnight. Hence, always choose an ethical way and honesty to rank your website if you don't want to lose your audience.

A tool named Yoast SEO and many other similar tools will help you improve the readability, keyword tracking, meta description quality, and content quality. Connecting your website to Google analytics and search console will help you track the traffic on your website. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful weapon to take your business to the next level.