How Toll Free Number is a perfect combo for your Business?

Toll free number will perform more productively when they are enabled with IVRs. This blog will elaborate this fact with some relevant factors.

How Toll Free Number is a perfect combo for your Business?

Thursday August 08, 2019,

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Among other business assets, toll free numbers reside a great importance for calling businesses. These numbers provide immense convenience to the callers as they don’t charge any cost from them. Most of the professional businesses prefer to utilize these numbers for better interaction. Whether you use toll free number for business, you will still get a unique for your brand.

One of the great features of these number is IVR (interactive voice response) software integration. This software helps to upgrade the customer interaction process and drive better responses from the target audiences. IVR-enabled toll free numbers can become a powerful communication asset for your business.

Here is how:

  • User-Friendly Platform

IVR software has several tools that can be easily utilized by the calling agents. Using these tools, they can record messages for automated menu options. When customers call on toll free number, they will get these pre-recorded messages along with menu options.

Moreover, you can also monitor their response once start interacting with automated voice through keypad inputs. These user-friendly tools can give the leverage of managing any volume of calls without any manual effort.

  • More Features

While handling calls through IVR-enable toll free numbers, you will get some additional features. These features can boost the possibilities of getting appreciated response from the target audiences through better interactions. The most common features that can be utilized frequently are:

  1. Call forwarding
  2. Real-time notifications
  3. Establishing more extensions
  4. Auto attendant
  5. Voicemail to email transfers
  6. Instant call back

Apart from using these features, the services that came along with your toll free numbers will continue for being operated. Therefore, this combination will create a reliable stage to manage all communication operations.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction

IVR solutions are best known for improving overall customer interaction, while toll free numbers are used to provide cost-free calling to the customers. The combination of both the assets will definitely help to upgrade the quality of voice interactions.

In addition, when the customers get uninterrupted facilities with quality voice overs, then they tend to experience a sense of reliability with your business. This will get you better opportunities of getting huge appreciation from the customers.

  • Affordable Solutions

Since toll free numbers are bought on the basis of certain calling plans, so you will require to keep your calling rate in focus. When you implement IVR software with these number, you don’t need to spend big amounts for this combo. You just need to install the software in your existing communication system, and start handling calls.

Even if you expand the services while your business on rise, you can easily install this combination on other systems as well. With more extensions, you can operate these solutions productively.

In the competition of providing high-quality interaction, IVR-enable toll free numbers can become your best asset. If you are collaborated with a reliable toll free number provider, you can ask them for this integration. Once install these solutions in your organization, you will experience better call quality along with superior features and services.