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How Social Media Can Boost Your Ecommerce Business ?

Tuesday November 06, 2018,

6 min Read

Social media! One of the favorite topics for debate nowadays on TV channels and newspapers. But have you ever given a thought as to why is it gaining popularity each day? The topic which never had a trace and wasn't even considered debatable a decade back. 

Sounds strange but that’s the fact. Affordable internet services have amplified the percentage of individuals using social media in their day to day life, and one could say, it is encroaching the maximum time of our day. To a majority of people, their day starts with checking what's trending, status, political issues, images and not to forget our main focus- Checking offers or hear more from their favorite brand.

So if you are still using ancient marketing strategies, then wake up! It's time to show your presence on social media. You have to make your presence wherever your customers are, else you will end up cribbing about your sales. With a great chunk of people online, irrespective of age group, it is easier to penetrate onto their mind. So it is a must for every seller to get active on social media and keep the customers engaged with good content, images, videos etc.

Before we jump into the most powerful social media platforms for eseller, let's first understand the other advantages of going social.

Higher visibility-It is easier to reach the untapped potential customers with share option.

Trust Factor - Few platforms like Facebook provide review option on the business page which helps the prospective customers to know more about your band from your own customers.

Its Free - You don't have to pay anything for opening an account. You will get a good target audience at no cost.

Branding - There is no limit for uploading post hence you can post a high-quality image of your products irrespective of time.

With the knowledge of the advantages of being active on social media, let us understand the major social media platforms ruling in India for e-commerce.


This is one of the most used and powerful social media platforms in India. Since you can capture a large number of prospective customers, having a business page on Facebook is a must. Generating followers for your page is the biggest task, you can post updates and stories related to your products with images or videos to gain new followers.

People follow your page with an intention of getting some information and benefit out of it, so giving your followers special offers can help in keeping a higher brand profile for a longer time span. There are also different groups on facebook where you can directly display your products to the customers and make good conversions.

Facebook is also a platform for online marketplace where sellers can showcase their products and customers can proceed further on the purchase through messenger. Facebook live is another feature which can be utilized to present your customer with unboxing experience or new product launch. You can also create a poll, event on your services and also connect to your customers directly through messenger. If you want more engagement and visibility then you can run sponsored ads on facebook which will enhance your reach to a broader audience. 


This is not a social media platform but is a truly worthy platform to sell. WhatsApp has almost replaced the normal text messaging in India. This is one of the most favorite app mostly used by all ages of people. Create a WhatsApp business account and outset your business starting with your own contacts.

You can update status and create a group to post all the latest updates. There are few WhatsApp groups which already exist and are dedicated only for e-commerce business; you can join these groups by either asking other sellers or through Facebook groups where many of the seller's comment about the WhatsApp groups.


Twitter is a platform where you can tweet messages up to a length of 140 characters. You can even post images and lesser duration videos of your product so that customers can directly retweet and reply on your tweet. You can also make one-on-one conversation with your customers or prospects on their queries.

In twitter, when any keyword is entered in the search bar, your tweet will also be visible if you have used that particular hashtag in your tweet. So use hashtags while tweeting, so that your post can be visible even for those who do not follow you, through hashtags. Twitter also provides paid ads which are quite expensive than the other social media ads.


After Google, YouTube is the second popular search engine in India. Video marketing is a trending marketing strategy for e-commerce business. To kick start your YouTube marketing create a channel on YouTube. People get attracted to video easily so try to upload few eye catchy videos which help to drive more traffic to your channel starting with an introductory video on your product or services.

Timely add videos on product demo, testimonial of customers, latest trends in services which can create awareness to your existing customers and brand awareness among the prospects. You can also add an explainer video on your website or in the emails, from the YouTube in order to redirect your website visitors to the YouTube channel. To increase the brand visibility and engagement you can also use YouTube ads. 


If the product which you sell is apparels, fashion accessories then Instagram is the best place for you to market as it is all about images. You can post images and stories of different products you sell in regular interval of time. Instagram also comes with paid ads which can ramp up your brand's sales and visibility.

One of the biggest cons of Instagram is that you can't add a link in your post, due to this customers will not be redirected to the landing page on the website. Similar to Twitter, hashtags are popular on Instagram. Upload an attractive image and compelling content with the hashtag so that it reaches even to those audiences who are not your followers.  

Many small entrepreneurs are doing remarkable business only by using these social media platforms. You can also integrate your website with social media platforms so that it becomes easy for your customers to visit your business page. Ensure your business doesn't miss out in any of the strategies which enhances your business.

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