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How to use colors on your ecommerce site to influence more customer to shop more?

 How to use colors on your ecommerce site to influence more customer to shop more?

Monday September 24, 2018,

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According to a psychology studies, it is proven that color also effect on your customer’s mind to shop more on your ecommerce. Colors manipulate your emotions in three ways:-

1.     Psychological effect

Based on your experience, like- Red with Love.

2.     Cultural effect

In different culture colors shows different emotions, like- in western culture, the white color shows purity instead in eastern culture white color represents sadness.

3.     Symbolic effect

Some colors directly connected with some specific thing, like- Sky-Blue relate to the sky

Researchers said, more than 80% shop decision is based on color that which color you used on your ecommerce web according to your business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube is the biggest example of color with Blue and Red, the effect of colors on our mind directly relate to any specific thing.

Studies prove,

·        RED

This color directly relate with the sales. Have you noticed? Mostly marketing agencies used red color with the word SALE on marketing banners or pamphlets. They used this color with Discounts to attract the consumers.

·        BLUE

Represents Trust. What do you trust most (except family)? Banks because they give you the Security of your money. State Bank of India (https://www.onlinesbi.com/) uses the blue color in their logo to generate Trust and Security.

·        GREEN

 It shows the Relaxation. That’s why mostly Herbal, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy companies (like- http://www.nationalherbscompany.com/) uses green color in their logo, branding or marketing.

·        PINK

We all are aware this color, it directly relates with women and girls and off course relates with their beauty products. For example- a famous show “Nail Files” that telecasted on TLC, it’s a business or show only for Nail Products. The lead cast of Nail Files, Katie Cazrola running an award winning Nail Salons in Hollywood and own a website i.e, ThePaintedNail (https://thepaintednail.com/), which is also in pink.

·        BLACK

Black color shows the How Luxury you are? The most luxuries car company Rolls Royce (https://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com) and Land Rover (https://www.landrover.in) use the Dark Theme in their website to enhance the beauty of their luxuries cars.

·        PURPLE

Purple color also represents the beauty but not in the feminine way. Everyone wants to look good and more attractive. Lots of the beauty products are mostly used by women and men also. Purple.com (https://www.purplle.com/) is the example to deliver anti-aging products for both men and women.