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Importance of mobile apps in today's world

Smartphones and mobile apps

Mobile apps and its importance in today's world

In recent years, with the rapid growth in technology, mobile phones have become a vital part in human life. Even though mobile phones’ core function is being telecommunication but now mobile apps made many things possible which was previously unimaginable. Years before two-three families together shared a single phone. But now the things have changed with the upcoming of smartphones, each person today owns their own mobile phones. The main advantage of mobile phones are its portability, you can carry them in your pockets wherever you go. Smartphones gave a new face to service sector with the invention of mobile apps. Mobile apps are applications designed to perform a specific task. Time consumption has been reduced with the popularity of mobile apps and now goods and services are at fingertip. The services that mobile apps and smartphone provide are plenty.

1.Online shopping

Online shopping is one of the most important advantages of mobile apps, with which you can get your favourite clothes, gadgets, accessories and raw materials online without visiting shopping malls. Customers can view, search and buy your favourite commodity of size, shape and colour they prefer. Online shopping is a kind of business where you act as both seller and buyer. Today many people earn their livelihood through online shopping.

Online shopping

2. Food delivery and taxi service apps

If you don’t have time to cook food at home don’t worry! If you have an app installed, you would get cooked food from your favourite hotel which would be delivered at your doorstep at reasonable rates. Many apps today provide their customers taxi services at reasonable rates too.

Food apps

3. Banking apps

Banking services that mobile apps provide their customers are numerous. Customers can view debits and credits of their personal account, transfer money without the barrier of time and distance, view current account balance etc.. Today central government and state government are trying their maximum to build a cashless economy all over the country, along with the banks they have come up with several mobile apps to attain their goal of building a cashless economy. Customers can pay all their bills online, especially the electricity bills, phone bills, water bills etc.., without standing in long queues.

Banking apps

4. E-tickets

Without standing in long queues you can check the availability of seats and book tickets for your movie, bus, train and aeroplane. Today we have separate apps defined for each service and you don't need to carry any hard copy tickets anymore.Your tickets will be in the form of an email or a text message.


5. Entertainment apps

Today, people are in a world of tension and stress. Entertainment apps give immense pleasure and stress relief from hectic working conditions and stress life. Watching movies,videos or listening songs would reduce your stress and tensions and gives a break. This would refresh your mind and maintain your health.

Entertainment apps

6. Reading and educational apps

Due to busy schedule you may not get time to read daily Newspapers. But if you have a News reading app installed in your phones it would keep you updated with latest News. Many people love reading books at their leisure times but buying them may not be affordable and carrying them long distance is difficult. But now you can buy books online using mobile apps and can carry them long distance. Educational apps provide its customers with online classes on specific topics and conduct tests depending on the topic.

NEWS apps

7. Social media apps and video calling apps

Social media apps are an important source to built strong relationship between people and its emergence gave a new face to communication. Social media apps helps in building and maintaining strong bonds between people. These apps help in chatting, sharing videos and photos. People prefer using these apps in mobile phones than on desktop. Social apps installed in mobile phones will have more access than on desktop and thus the communication and relationship will be stronger without any gaps. Video calling apps are also common nowadays where you can meet your dear ones whenever you wish without any barrier of distance.

Social media apps

Today mobile apps render a good platform for business, banking, education, reading etc… Customers can get their goods and services at doorstep at reasonable rates without the barriers of distance and time. Designing and developing of new mobile apps for specific tasks would further make services more user friendly. Mobile app development companies would come up with the latest technical and user friendly mobile apps.


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