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Innovation through Face

Innovation through Face

Tuesday April 09, 2019,

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Today Safety and Security are biggest challenges for everybody .Let it be your Home, colony, city, region or Country, We always want a safe & secure environment.

 In India apart from regular crimes, we have multiple communal and religious challenges which always lead to violence and disturbance for society. We, India have a mix of social and anti-social elements along with irrational political turbulence creates multiple security threats to human beings, properties, vehicles etc.

The thriving economy and accelerated growth in sectors such as Ports,Airports,Energy,Telecom, with the incursion of multinational companies has been the primary driving force for creating demand for the various security tools.

Terrorism and the forces driving them have become very aggressive and using technology for spreading terror though they have been disrupted over the years, they have now turned to commonly available automation to change the game.

The unprecedented & outlandish criminal incidents in the recent times & increasing crime rates have provoked the demand for security and surveillance products. The local police have to manage & to bring the situation under control with return to normalcy.

Need of Security

Here technology have enabled human beings to take better decisions, in some ways it has made us strong by providing tools to combat the risks and dangers that exists today. Now we need something which must have prophylactic capabilities and can act on its own intelligence and empower us to be safe.

Physical surveillance, no doubt, will be just as important as before. A person may have been scouting an area, say, to drive a van through or plan his route of attack on foot afterwards. An attack that is pre-planned, even in a short run up, is something that counter forces can detect. Cameras may pick up the suspicious behavior, but the video has to be analysed for it to become actionable intelligence.

Various Tools of Security

Security tools like CCTV /Bio metric/Finger print scanners /IRIS scanners and so many are available but now it’s time to move to the next generation platforms with capabilities like Machine Learning with the help of Artificial intelligence.

Key to this sensing is the ability to gather data from various sources to assess if a person is likely to commit a violent act.

Introduction to FRS & History

Facial Recognition Technology (FRS), a technology/platform is capable to identify somebody on the basis of their emergence. In the mid-1960-80s, researchers began work on using the computer to identify human faces. Since then, facial recognition software has come a long way.

Humans have always had the elemental ability to diagnose and figure out between faces, now the platform/Software has shown the same ability. In the past, facial recognition software has confided on a 2D image to compare or identify another 2D image from the database.

To be effective and accurate, the image captured needed to be of a face that was looking almost directly at the camera, with little variance of light or facial expression from the image in the database.

The human face plays an important role in our social interaction, conveying people’s identity. Using human face as a key to security, the bio-metrics face recognition technology has received significant attention in the past several years due to its potential for a wide variety of applications in both law enforcement and non-law enforcement. Every face has diversified & observable landmarks, the different variants, depth and valleys that make up facial characteristics.

Some of these measured by the software are -

 * Width of the nose

* Depth of the eye sockets

* The shape of the cheekbones

* Distance between the eyes

* The length of the jaw

Use Cases

Today, a huge research has been done in this space, resulting with claimed accuracy of more than even 98 %. Due to these strides in technology, facial and skin recognition systems are more widely used than just a few years ago. With the help of current FRS technology, it can be utilized in multiple cases and come up with great results.

Access control system

FRS technology only authorizes individuals to gain access to secure locations, while requiring far less personal information than other forms of identification. It establishes a virtual, bio metric-enforced perimeter around military facilities, government buildings, corporate R&D areas and other locations.

A key advantage is that images of all access events (denied/allowed etc.) can be stored for analysis should an attempted breach be suspected.

FRS Technology will back fit to existing access control systems and it can work with your existing vendor to provide a fully integrated solution. Bio-metric Access Control has never been so fast, secure and simple to use with the help of FRS.

Crime and Criminality

Facial recognition solutions provide the latest crime-fighting tools, allowing to various videos and still photographs against its criminal databases. Face detection has two important tasks; one is to regulate facial regions in an image against various backgrounds, and the other is to regulate alignment of each face such as position, size and rotation to obtain better attainment in face recognition.

A camera, one of thousands, scans the street, instantly analysing the faces of everyone it sees. Then, an alert on mobile and in the Command control centre. The algorithms found a match with someone in the crowd. Officers rush to the scene and take him into custody. Cameras can be installed with a FRS license along with engine working behind them can give you today an accuracy of up to 99.9 % .

Railway & Bus stations, Airports are the common public places where there is huge crowd movement

can be the right places to install these cameras with license activated.

A mobile app is also possible to receive immediate alerts with photographs which will come in the frame of the mentioned cameras along with the identity if the data is already there in data base. For example If we install FRS enabled cameras at the entry and exits of Raipur Railway Station and the moment any blacklisted person is visible in the frame of camera ,it will send an alert to the authorised mobile app holder.

FRS Technology is helping police forces around the world and makes proactive and reactive decisions more effectively and efficiently. It is designed to solve crimes and identify individuals with even poor quality images, saving valuable investigation time and resources. The use of FRS can provide an immediate ROI through reduced investigation time for cases involving video or still evidence containing facial imagery.

Airport Check in with single authorization

As per the IATA data Passengers numbers are increasing drastically and keep growing. It is expected, by the year 2030, 7.5 Billion passengers in comparison with 3 Billion passengers in the year 2017-18. FRS technology can help making the internal process of any Airport easier till a passenger boards the plane.

For example - Rahul Gupta is travelling from Delhi to Mumbai. He has opened an App and scanned his face along with the journey details. The moment he arrives at the level 1 frisking gate, a kiosk will be verifying all the details which Rahul entered in the app and from now his face is the ID for all checkpoints. Baggage drop self-service kiosk will identify Rahul and the bags are tagged with the same ID. Immigration kiosk will compare the data with Government data base and Rahul can be questioned if required. Boarding Kiosk will again authorize Rahul to enter in the aircraft.

Apart from the above used cases, FRS technology can do wonders in other domains like Retail, real estate, Border security etc

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