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5 key qualities to become a PR Professional

Looking to pursue a career in Public Relations? Read this and know more about the key qualities to become a PR Professional.

5 key qualities to become a PR Professional

Tuesday March 15, 2022,

4 min Read

Public Relations is one of the least talked about professions if not the least. Not all high school students are aware about or ready to take up PR as a professional course. Public Relations is not just what we come across in our academic courses but a lot more than that. As per studies, prominent qualities required in a PR professional are majorly observed in women.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up 61.3 percent of the PR industry (and 69 percent of Public Relations Society of America’s members). That’s a far cry from the business and financial sectors, where they make up 43.6 percent of the workforce.

Public relations is among those few professions which are majorly dominated by women and is seen as a truly women led line of career. The core reason for this is, women are considered to be the strength of building relations starting from personal front earlier to professional life now.

So how can one figure out about choosing PR as their career. Here are few qualities that one should have before choosing PR as their profession: -

1. Urge to Hunt

Yes you read it right, urge to hunt what all is happening around and how it is linked to different factors around you. As a saying goes, “One should have a nose for news” the same goes in Public Relations as well. One should always keep themselves updated with News and Market trends. In this, one should always listen more than speaking, so that one can brainstorm different ideas, in order to pitch a story idea to the journalist.

2. Communication Skills

Talking about communication skills, one should know what to say and especially when to say. There is always an appropriate way to convey your side of the story angle, and that too, in such a way that it creates a lasting impact on the other person.

One must have good communication skills in order to choose a career in Public Relations. Communication is the key to achieve success, as one should always know how to pitch trending ideas to journalists keeping their client in purview.

3. Determination

Every task has its own significance and completing it within the given time frame is what makes a person a determined Public Relations Officer. Meeting deadlines is the most crucial thing in the PR fraternity, both in case of the client and the journalist. Dealing with media often comes with short and tight deadlines, at times a little laziness or negligence can lead to a great missed opportunity.

4. Be a Multitasker

The primary reason why women thrive as a PR professional is that they are just the best when it comes to handling multiple tasks at a single point of time, and that too with complete focus and determination.

PR is among those professions which at every point in time require multi-tasking, be it client mails, media calling, media mapping, media monitoring, documentation etc., you always have to be proactive.

5. Always be kind and humble

The PR fraternity works on media relations, so try and make sure that you help people by sharing you connects. This will not only be helpful to your colleague but might help the journalists with new story idea. Hence leading to more story ideas and opportunities. So, one should have a helping nature in order to be a good PRO.

These are some of those qualities that are already present within oneself, or can be worked upon over a period of time. These qualities will not only help you in your job but will definitely prove to be useful on personal front as well.