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Magento development

Looking for an ecommerce platform for your online store? Learn what Magento is and why it is a perfect choice for your business.

Magento development

Tuesday August 06, 2019,

3 min Read

Why Magento?

One of the main reasons why such leading companies as Nike, Samsung, Christian Louboutin, Ford, and Coca-Cola and many others have trusted Magento the maintenance and constant development of their websites are the benefits that it provides in comparison with the companies-competitors. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that suggest platforms in the sphere of ecommerce. They vary in price, type, and scope of coverage, offering different kinds of deals, and unique approaches. 

Comparing Magento with its closest major competitors on the market of ecommerce platforms - Shopify and WooCommerce is a good example. Magento is a perfect option for fast-growing small-businesses, mainly because it differentiates commerce, and in comparison with the others, it does not follow the common approach “one-size fits all solution”. Magento supports limitless commerce, and its platform allows you to fully control how you are willing to deliver your customer experience.

As your business grows and changes over time, Magento evolves together with it. The platform supports the expansion of your business throughout all stages. It manages the growing number of stores, carries out transactions in multiple countries if you want to expand your business abroad, it supports different languages, use several worldwide shipping providers,  and can work with different currencies.

Magento enables merchants to sell customizable products and digital goods online and makes it much easier for them to handle the complexities of B2B commerce, turning the use of it into a much more pleasant experience than ever before. The sufficient security measures are taken by Magento ensure the privacy and safety of your personal data, making sure that the third parties will not be able to gain access to it in any kind of situation.

Looking for your future ecommerce platform, which will directly impact the development and growth of your business, weigh all the options.

Magento global partner community

In order to provide all the equally valued customers with the best innovating commerce service, Magento has two types of partners in their team:

  • Solution Partners
  • Technology partners.

The Magento solutions partners are companies that have unique experience implementing, adjusting and maintaining Magento ecommerce websites. They work to deliver powerful and successful experiences in the field of ecommerce. The global network of solution partners working for Magento consists of more than 350 companies, that create leading B2C and B2B digital experiences because nowadays delivery of exceptional ecommerce service is a must do if you work in this field. Magento will ensure that you make the right decision, choosing your solution partner, that will meet your expectations and needs. The solution partner will help you with customized digital strategy, developing, configuration, integration, and deployment. 

The Magento technology partners are companies or products that help merchants improve their websites. They work to solve any technology-related issues and needs of your business. On the basis of Magento commerce platform, the technology partners will customize user-generated content for your online store, manage product information, maintain the payment, sale, delivery and fulfillment options. In order to ensure the outstanding quality of the service, all Magento Technology Partners have to pass a business and technology review. 

There is also a special opportunity for the clients of Magento to grow and fuel the business as a community insider. It is an entry-level developer program, which provides individuals and small agencies with direct access to tools and resources that they can use to expand their knowledge and improve skills in the field of ecommerce. It will eventually sufficiently contribute to their business growth and accelerate their efforts in launching a competitive online store in secure environment.