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Make your websites more user-friendly with Python Frameworks

Various top software development companies and industrial giants have realized the importance and ease of using python in their application.

Make your websites more user-friendly with Python Frameworks

Monday February 11, 2019,

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Sometimes selecting the correct coding language is similar to choosing a candy. There are the variety of options available and of course, they will really make you happy and satisfied, but a wrong choice might leave a bland taste in your mouth.

Keep in mind that the choice you make is very much fundamental for the service or project. So, if the programming language selected is fallen out of flavor or old, then you might hit various roadblocks in development. This is common in areas where the language is not supported.

At the beginning of any project, the programming language will be a deciding factor on whether the progress can be quick. And this will in turn influence whether you need a lot of developers or whether additional work is required and much more.

Luckily, Python is one of the best programming languages which provides faster development, is incredibly adaptive and easy to use. No wonder it is found in most of the large services and business.


Python web app development

Customized web application development using Python and its framework(django)

Industry Giants Using Python

Now the first thing that might come to your mind is who uses Python?

You might be surprised to know that as a programming language, it is famous with various multinational companies, from small fitness to the large enterprises. Some of them are –

  • Spotify uses Python for their back-end analytics.

  • Both Instagram and Facebook use Python for handling huge processes and data.

  • Google uses Python as one of its four commonly and officially supported server-side languages.

  • Most of the engineers of Netflix use Python as their common programming language.


So Is Python Good?

Well, the above list of the technology giants haven’t convinced you, then you might check out the features of python below-

Easy In Deciphering

One of the best parts of using Python is that it is easily readable and at times, it won’t look dissimilar to the common English language. So, this makes writing the codes intuitive, and this is one of the common reasons why it is becoming a popular programming language among most developers and top software development companies.

Plus it makes reading codes easy, thereby ensuring that there aren’t any issues in checking the codes written by other developers, reviewing the code, and debugging. The readable nature it has will ensure that all the things work as intended, thereby enabling to launch the product into the market faster without cutting corners.

Supported By Libraries

There are various libraries available in Python which ensures developers have extensive access to tried, established and tested modules. Now, these ensure that the products get launched into the market faster without making a sacrifice in terms of features or quality.

Some of the commonly used libraries in python are –

  1. Numpy - This is commonly used for mathematical and scientific computing with Python.
  2. Pandas - It has many high-performance analysis modules and data structure which can be used by developers.
  3. Scikit learn - This is another commonly used library which is very much useful for data mining, analysis, and machine learning.
  4. Keras - It is a library which is used for writing neutral networks in Python, thereby making it useful for machine language.
  5. Django - A popular web framework and it enables clean and quick apps.
  6. Tensorflow - This library was released by Google and allows one to develop deep learning modules like image recognition or detection.
  7. Tornado - One of the useful framework for making scalable web apps.


Being a versatile language, Python is quite efficient in handling all kinds of tasks irrespective of their size. Also, it supports various programming paradigms like procedural and functional paradigms, and even object-oriented ones at its core. So, on a larger scale, this simply cuts down the development costs and reduces the development time (basically saving it).

Quick and Easy Prototyping

Now when it is related to developing prototypes in a faster manner, Python is the perfect choice for demonstrating minimum viable products or concepts. This assists a custom software development company to go for a fail fast or agile philosophy or determine if one needs to proceed with the required project.


How Python Frameworks Can Be Good For Your Business

Most of the top software development companies know that choosing the programming language is not the first and foremost step. The work isn’t over until and unless you select the web framework. Now here it becomes a bit tricky, as the selection of the web framework is extensive and Python isn’t an exception to this.

While thinking about which framework to use, check out the complexity and size of the project. If you are thinking of creating a large system that is packed with requirements and features, then the best choice will be a full-stack framework. But if your app is on the simpler and smaller side, then micro-framework will be better.

Some of the common and best used Python Framework are –


Developed and created by Django Software Foundation, this is a full-stack Python web framework which is open source and a free-to-use framework. Officially released on July 2005, it helps a custom software development company to develop applications and code for their website in an easy manner and needs less time when compared to other frameworks.

Also, it follows the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle and a model-view template architectural pattern. Plus this framework is quite famous among developers since it has a huge collection of libraries which are written in Python. Another advantage of the Django is that it emphasizes the component re-usability, efficiency and fewer codes. Since it has humongous features, Django is used in various renowned firms like Pinterest, Instagram, Mozilla, Disqus, Bitbucket, and The Washington Times.


This python framework was developed by Massimo De Pierro and is the cross-platform web application framework compiled in Python. Like Django, this is a free-to-use and open source Python web framework which was released on September 2007.

Web2py allows users to develop dynamic websites and web contents using Python. Now the Web2py framework comes with a debugger, code editor, and deployment tool that allows one to debug and develop code and even maintain and test applications. Plus, it helps in incorporating a ticketing system that issues a ticket to users whenever an error happens. Through this ticket, users can track the error status.


Developed by Mark Ramm and Kevin Dangoor, this is nothing but a full-stack web application framework. Not only, it is open source, but a data-driven and free to use Python web framework. Now with the assistance of components like SQLAlchemy, WebOb, Repoze, and Genshi, you can create applications and websites which need faster database connectivity in comparison to other existing frameworks.


Created on December 2010, this is a lightweight Python web framework. It puts a huge emphasis on the application’s rapid development. One of the best parts of this framework is that it is developed from the best ideas taken from languages like Python, Ruby, and Perl. So, it provides extensive flexibility structure for website development.


The Best Framework to consider

Now each framework has its cons and pros. Plus, most of the top software development companies are aware that every developer will be following various kinds of coding preferences and styles.

Now the best part is that you can always consult with the custom software development company whom you have hired to develop your website on this issue. Most of them will be using the best python framework like Django, while others will develop apps or websites as per your required python framework.