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Managing your energy utilities and energy efficient practices can assist your company profile and revenue margins

Managing your energy utilities and energy efficient practices can assist your company profile and revenue margins

Wednesday July 17, 2019,

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Economic frugality of any province thrives substantially on energy utilization, so the correct energy deployment can spur growth in all the sectors. In the modern-day society, energy is harnessed immensely by industrial sector. The total account that the industrial sector holds for final energy use is 51.7%. Electric energy constitutes a vast function in the industry as it is very significant in driving motors.

World energy consumption by sector

But the energy prices are unstable and show a consistent rise in the costs every year. Along with the accrediting energy expenses, an increase in carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions are other hazardous consequence of vigorous industrialization. Together these demands are squeezing margins, reducing profit bottom-lines and, ultimately, having a negative impact on the economy.

Optimizing energy use in the industries is integral to ameliorate industrial competitiveness and achieve wider societal goals such as energy security, economic recovery and development, climate change mitigation and environmental protection. Energy management holds utmost consequence if energy wastage is to be avoided and the overall energy efficiency is to be maintained. But in most companies, the decision-makers do not invest in  energy management system which does not have an accurate and defined direction. EnergySolution Labs (ESL) plays an important role in such cases, as ESL is a team of professionals who are expert in providing energy consultancy. ESL administers precise solutions which abet the industries in energy management, energy audits & energy optimization services with specific and definite ROI. With EnergySolution Labs (ESL), monitoring of energy and other process parameters can be easily achieved. 


Being in this industry ESL have assisted numerous organizations such as ISRO, BARC, Tata, Mahindra & Mahindra etc. and also many SMEs to improve Mean Time To Failure, Mean Time Between Failure & Mean Time to Repair. Consequently resulting in monetary savings, added revenue by an increase in the productivity and finally improving their bottom-line. Along with this ESL also assists the organizations to overcome their challenges of unperceived energy losses by identifying competitive intelligence and preventing the asset downtime and also improving Operating Margin, Plant Load Factor, Energy Cost, Specific Energy consumption. ESL provides a complete service of hardware, software and solution.


  1. Marc- IIoT Platform

For any potential energy savings, identifying and preventing the downtime of assets plays a very vital role. The real-time energy data monitoring and critical comparison bench-marking can only be achieved by accurate energy data acquisition. The manual intervention for data mapping should be reduced as it is error-prone, time-consuming and requires dedicated efforts. The ultimate goal of monetary savings cannot be attained without obscuring all these challenges. This is possible only with a competent energy management system, marc.

marc is cloud based next generation energy data analytics platform for demand side management of energy loads and process parameter monitoring. It is designed to handle quantitative and qualitative data to provide users with an in-depth analysis and insight into their load systems enabling them with possibilities for optimization, energy OPEX savings, and building efficiency in their load networks.

Simple Architecture

Some common benefits of marc:

  • Reduction in energy OPEX costs- Significant reduction is observed in the energy operational expenditure budget after implementation in energy management system.

  • Alarms and triggers- marc is provided with alarming and triggering system for preventive control of hazardous circumstances and to avoid loss.

  • Overall equipment efficiency- Industrial machine and equipment health is improved due to machine level energy management and preventive damage assessment.

  • No human intervention for data processing & analysis- The manual intervention for data mapping is error-prone and time- consuming. All this is avoided with marc 's automated data acquisition.

  • Power quality analysis- Possible options for improving the power quality and maintaining it, so as to sustain the equipment health.

  • Identification and prevention of downtime assets- Industrial machine downtime can lead to manufacturing as well as fiscal losses. With marc such downtime can be prevented by preventive maintenance.

“A very proven energy management system for the complex electrical network."

-ISRO, SHAR, Sriharikota

V. Shivagurunathan

2. marc.audit

According to the definition in the ISO 50002 standard, an energy audit is a systematic analysis of energy use and energy consumption within a defined energy audit scope, in order to identify, quantify and report on the opportunities for improved energy performance. Industrial energy audit is a process that facilities energy usage patterns, equipment efficiency, and building efficiency is determined in order to propose energy efficiency measures. The result of a successful industrial energy audit is decreased energy consumption, reduced raw material usage and increased quality of the end product. 

marc.audit is the key to systematic and comprehensive energy audit approach for decision-making in the area of energy management. It attempts to balance the total energy inputs and serves to identify and optimize all the energy streams in the facility. Key aim is to reduce energy cost. 

Energy audit is conducted in 2 phases:


Phase I

3. marc.motor

Industrial energy loads predominantly comprise of electrical motors. Motors and motor-driven equipment require about 70% of the total energy spend in an industry. The operation cost of high motors is substantial, so subsequently the motor health analysis is also high. Any downtime caused by physical or electrical parameters is irrevocable. Although available techniques such as vibration analysis, infrared analysis, lubricating oil analysis etc. have been deployed, the effectiveness of such is only 1%.

The preventive motor health assessment is an excellent way to avoid downtime as well as monetary losses caused due to the motor downtime. marc.motor is an effective mix of services and solutions to help organizations reduce their motor downtime. The report system of marc.motor is highly organized and becomes an essential asset for the fault recognition. 

Reports & Analysis

With greater focus on promoting energy efficient practices, the industries are also made aware of the need to adapt to newer and optimum energy management solutions. By embracing the crucial energy management system, marc, the organizations can immediately perceive changes in their next energy bills. Optimizing energy use in the industries can be easily accomplished and energy wastage is substantially reduced. With the services provided by EnergySolution Labs (ESL), preventive asset maintenance and monitoring of energy and other process parameters can be easily achieved. 


Energy & Utility- Energy Management System, Transformer Monitoring, Motor, HVAC, Solar,

Audit - Energy Audit,  Water Management System and Audit

Plant & Process- Equipment or Asset Monitoring, Process Monitoring, Machine Monitoring, OEE

Other- Agriculture, Vehicle, Weather, Smart City, Custom application development

EnergySolution Labs (ESL) administers precise solutions which abet the industries in energy management, energy audits & energy optimization services with specific and definite ROI. The decision-makers find it easy to invest in marc which has an accurate direction as well as precise ROI.

People perpetually underestimate the little contribution they perform during the work, so promoting awareness and consciousness about energy efficiency issues is very significant. Not only will the organization have a reputed and green portfolio, but they also will be promoting a healthy environment at the workplace.
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