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Metrics to be considered for success of a Mobile App

Metrics to be considered for success of a Mobile App

Friday December 14, 2018,

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In terms of measuring the mobile app success, there are dozens of metrics are available for the mobile app developers. However, it is hard to determine which metrics matter the most for your mobile app.

Analytics was the traditional method chose by the mobile app developers for finding the degree of success and feedback also. Now the time came up where mobile app developers found the new way to count downloads and reviews to find the success of the mobile application.

There are dozens of the metrics are also there which helps the mobile app developers to find out the success rate of the mobile applications.

Here we have mentioned some indispensable mobile metrics that matter the most for your mobile applications.

App Downloads:

Downloads symbolize the counts that your app has been installed and this is the sign that how your mobile app is doing in the market. If you measure that your app is seeing no downloads or few downloads then you need to work upon this metrics and further upstream in your marketing shaft.  

User Retention: 

User retention metrics can be measured by calculating the number of users that return back to the mobile app after their first visit. A survey said that more than 20 % of the apps are used only once and if you don't want to end up your mobile application like this than you have to work on User-retention value.

Find the ways to make users revisit to your app and work upon this because it will lead to more revenue.

Session Length: 

Session length is one of the essential metrics that matters a lot for your mobile app success. This period is the time in which your mobile app gets open and closed, which is the sign that how much time your user is spending on your mobile application.

If you want to make your app more downloadable then it is must to track the session length and work upon it in the way to increase the time.

Average Revenue Per Use:

ARPU is the matrices that define how much revenue you have generated from your mobile application.

It can be estimated by adding up the revenue gained from users and dividing it by the total number of users.

This metrics is important as it helps the mobile app developers to know that how much profitable their mobile app is.

User Acquisition Cost (UAC):

It essential for every mobile app developers to know that how much it cost to acquire a single because this data assists them to compute that how much to spend on advertising.

Hence, if you are finding this value is low then work upon the app advertising to make it high.  

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV):

LTV is an essential metric that helps app developers to calculate the user value. It can be calculated by multiplying the result value of ARPU.

This data helps to analyze product release and capital requirements.


The cohort metric to retention is churn. It calculates the percentage of users who stop working upon your app.

This can be in terms of dollars, subscribers, users, and other aspects.

Churn is more significant when it is your best or most active users, who are leaving rather than new or “lower value” users.

Working on this metrics will help to gain from every aspect of the mobile app.

Active Users: 

All things considered, a few users fall under the class of dynamic users who draw in with the mobile application frequently. This characterizes the churn rate.

A study characterizes that the normal application connects about 45% of its dynamic users consistently. At the end of the day, if ten user introduced an application, about 4 user open the application on different occasions in the initial 30 days of establishment.

In-App Revenue: 

In-application revenue can be said as the income accumulated from the clients as they utilize the application by opening dimensions, advertisements, obtaining focuses, and different buys.

This measurement can help in producing more income.


When it comes to increasing the user engagement towards your app, there are many matrices, which play an important role in making your mobile app successful.

if you wish that your app flourish in the tech market and gain more downloads then above mentioned matrices are a great way to start with.