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5 Best Food that makes you gain Weight

Therefore to gain weight in a safe and healthy manner it is important to follow a healthy diet and here are 5 foods that can make you gain weight in the most suitable fashion 

5 Best Food that makes you gain Weight

Tuesday January 31, 2017,

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There are many of you who are quite skinny and look forward to gaining some weight in order to appear a little healthy and strong. People who are underweight make a lot of effort to gain weight and indulge in excessive eating. They also consume junk foods in large proportions as well as eat unhealthy oily stuff in order to gain weight. Inculcating a diet that is based around consuming oily and junk food to gain weight can prove quite disastrous and you may end up facing health issues like food poisoning along with an upset stomach.

5 Best Food 

5 Best Food 

Protein supplements – Protein supplements are one of the most ideal foods that help in weight gain in a quick time in a healthier manner. Athletes and bodybuilders often take help of protein supplements to gain weight without accumulating fats and you can also take supplements to gain weight in a safe manner. Protein is made of dairy and is absolutely healthy when backed by a suitable diet. Buying a reliable supplement is quite easier now and you can make use of Healthkart coupons on the web portal to acquire best supplement at reasonable rates.

Eggs - Loaded with protein, eggs are one of the best sources of vitamins A, D and E and help in accumulation of good cholesterol. Filled with nutrients, eggs are filled with calories and help in positive generation of mass in the body. Inexpensive and readily available, eggs can be consumed on regular basis without any side –effects and help gain weight in most fruitful fashion.

Peanut butter – Another quite excellent source of calories and protein, peanut butter can help you gain weight in the most effective manner without accelerating the growth of cholesterol levels. A tablespoon of peanut butter contains 90 calories and sufficient quantity of protein and helps in developing body mass in most fruitful manner. Buying a butter made up of peanut is quite profitable now, as you can avail Amazon offers on your groceries and save handy amount of money.

Cheese - One of the most popular food in whole of world, cheese is a great source of calcium and comes with significant amount of calories that can accelerate mass building in body without developing bad cholesterol. A popular source of protein for vegetarians, cheese can be cooked by mixing in variety of dishes and helps gain weight in the most suitable and healthy fashion.

Red meat - If you are someone who is looking to put on weight then red meat can help you in this regard in most amazing ways. Steak contains a lot of protein and iron and helps accumulate body fat in most suitable manner without increasing storage of cholesterol in the body. Known for its high calorie content, meat is quite beneficial for health and helps gain weight in normal manner.

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