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One easy step to boost your brand name.

One easy step to boost your brand name.

Wednesday July 17, 2019,

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Hey! have you heard about Walmart, Samsung, Facebook probably your answer will be yes. Now why you have given a quick answer just because of there branding. Yes branding play a vital role in taking your business to the next level.

Every sector has its own branding method. Today we gonna talk the small industrial businesses. Which are producing a huge amount of support to the main stream brand but individually they are not getting branded.

Techno machines India

Brand Reflects the quality better

Here we will take a example of tool making industry.

If you drive bike, car, or you are engineer at any company you must be aware of tool like wrench, pliers, nuts and bolts. These are the things which are used in all kind of manufacturing industry.

But due to small business or due to lack of money business owner does not follow the branding process. This make their brand less eye catching. They only remains in there local area and by there product main stream business is getting more and more from the market.

What should they do?

We have talked about the problem and awareness of small industrial person but what should they do? for making there brand more attractive. here i am pointing some simple steps for branding.

  1. Select a Brand Name: -Brand name selection is the primary and key point for your product. So it is taken very much care while selecting a brand name.
  2. Quality Product:- if your think that you have selected a good brand name and now you need nothing to do then you are thinking quite wrong because the name concern but quality is the thing which make the name. So after selecting your brand name you must set a quality level so that you can achieve that goal over the period of time.
  3. Quality assurance:- If you are giving the quality product then it is your duty to provide the assurance that you can provide the same quality over the time. So that people can trust on your self and your brand.
  4. Market analysis:- To maintain the quality of product and relative the price and the demand need. Market analysis is the key point. Which will enhance your productivity and market share.
  5. Timely Delivery:- After attaining all the steps now you have good amount of order to deliver. Now it is more important to take it more serious to make the delivery on time and tension free.
  6. After Sales Service:- At the end you have made your brand and established quality standard and your product is famous in market but what if your service is not good, your service man are not behaving good. This will move down your product wellness. So keep it up to the mark.

After following these steps you can increase your product branding. And in addition to that i want to indicate a very old method. Which is old but increases the business in multiple dimensions. This is known as Chain Marketing. Yes chain marketing is very old way, But as we used to give some recommendation to our near by person in daily life with out any shake of benefits. The customer thoughts that the person is my known person so he will give me best advise. So customer believes that information that he/she is getting is 100% correct. This chain Marketing is also known as MLM.

Why should a business adopt MLM type of marketing? This is not a question. This is the step which can change the business reach in customers.There are several benefits of using MLM concept.

Benefits of MLM Marketing

  1. Requires Less funds: By chain marketing the advertisement becomes very less costly. Because it multiplies every time.
  2. Customer Reach: The area of customer reach becomes very large. More the customer more sale. The resultant of that is brand name increment.
  3. Easy to do: It is very easy to follow the concepts chain marketing because in this R&D is automatically done.
  4. It takes less time: In this method the time is consumed only in starting, then after if will automatically multiply the informer and the time consumption will decrease.
  5. It follows incentive: In the chain marketing business is totally depended on the incentive. So there is no need to take care in chain system. The works themselves work so as to get more incentives.

Now for physically branding your product i am giving a live example of product base. Just look at video.

What you have seen. Here is a machine which is Known as Laser marking machine. This is the machine which can decrease the brand cost. In this video you can clearly see that machine is marking some brand on charger and it is quit simple. By using this machine we can generate variable brand name and production series.This machines is not only capable of doing mark on flat product but it can mark on round shape. For which a rotary system is used.

This is all about from me to boost your brand name and business, if you have any suggestion please feel free to give your suggestion.