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Salon App Features You Cannot Ignore to Reap ROI Benefits

For every Beauty and Salon Business owner, it is imperative to know the core features of the Mobile App to sustain through the competitive market and generate better profits in their revenue.

Salon App Features You Cannot Ignore to Reap ROI Benefits

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

4 min Read

Below is the list of Salon App features that are most important to get the best ROI:

1. Booking of the Appointment for Customers

The salon booking app must possess an in-built calendar so that the customer can book an appointment with easily as per their own convenience. Usually people visit salon and spas on holidays or when they have extra time. Salons are mainly busy in the mornings or in the evenings.

If the customer books a prior appointment, he does not have to wait in long queues for his turn and this in return saves a lot of his time. When the booking is made by the client, the salon owner gets an alert via SMS and email. He can plan according to the upcoming appointments and make the required preparations beforehand like in the case of facials and hair spa.

2. Quick Glance at the Services Available

Today the modern Salon has a varied range of services to offer from different types of facials to variety of manicure and pedicure services. Even if you wish to get a haircut done, there are numerous options and a large variety of styles to choose from. The hairstylist will cut your hair as per your choice and need. Your Salon Mobile App must have your services listed in a crystal clear and easy layout for customers to look through and choose the desired service without any hassle. This will make it very convenient for the customer to select the preferred service.

3. Track your Inventory List of Items

The owner can keep a track on his stock on a regular basis by name and also place the order if anything is running out. Apart from this,  it also allows the owner to add or remove the not required items from the inventory. He can get an elaborate data about the products and the price of the each item. You can know the exact expenses that you are spending on each of the items.

4. Managing the Profile of the Staff Members

To run a Salon successfully, it is a mandate to hire a bunch of experienced staff members who are proficient in various tasks. With the Salon App it becomes extremely easy to keep and maintain a record of your stylists and other staff. So you have on showcase, your experienced professional staff members, for your customers to choose on which stylist to go with. Customers can do it at the time of booking their appointment.

5. The Facility of In-App Payments

The app has the facility to indulge into cashless mobile payment providing its customers the ease to have a beauty treatment done without the need to carry cash. This gives the customers a hassle free experience of payment as they don't need to pay cash and can instead pay with credit or debit card.

6. Providing Attractive Offers to Loyal Customers

The most effective way to not only attract customers but also build a strong bond with them is to provide them with loyalty reward points. Without a doubt, everybody loves to be rewarded. Be it weekends or holiday, a Salon Appointment App would have you connected with customers all through the day. Choose the Best Spa & Salon Development Company to have an app built for your salon and spa services.

7. Remaining Connected Through Push Notifications

One of the best ways to stay connected with your loyal customers is via push notifications. You can impress your clients by sending personalized messages to multiple devices at the same time. You can also send latest offers and trend updates on your services and discount of services if any.


The modern day salon is largely different from the old traditional salons that we had around 10 years ago. The salon owners and hairstylists are smart enough to integrate the new technology into their business to get better ROI and this has not only brought a noticeable modification in their work culture but also brought forward many new trending hairstyles and beauty treatments that people were less aware of. So get a professional Beauty and Salon App from an experienced Mobile App Development company and reap great benefits.