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Skills involved in ranking of a website

5 steps for easy ranking on Google:

Skills involved in ranking of a website

Saturday August 03, 2019,

4 min Read

There is a number of skills and strategies involved in ranking of website these days. Earlier It was so easy to rank a website on google but after the latest update of google algorithm hummingbird. The definition of ranking a website has totally changed. Earlier there were so many malpractices involved in ranking a website on google but these days it has totally changed.

ranking of website

ranking on top most pages of google

How does a website rank on google:

Nowadays the only way to rank a website on google is uniqueness in your content. How this all actually takes place. First of all after buying the domain on google and getting its hosting. The website gets registered on google. After this, your work starts what you write on your website and how you get it displayed in the eyes of google. Just after a few months of buying your domain google robots will start crawling your website. Google will crawl your web pages and if it founds to be a copied content or any of the work is done against google algorithm than it will not do a ranking of the website on top pages of google. Nowadays it is said that content is the only key to rank on google. There are so many methods to be kept in mind while ranking of a website.In order to learn some more tools and strategies of ranking a website on topmost pages of google join digital marketing course in Delhi

Methods of ranking a website on google:

  1. By writing Unique content: Nowadays it is common saying in the field of digital marketing that content is the key to success. It is said because of the content is the most basic and most important thing. If your website content is copied than there is no way you can rank on top pages of google.
  2. By Onpage Seo: After content, there comes the on-page SEO. ON page seo is basically called the search engine optimization done within the website in order to improve its ranking on google. It means doing the basic thing like heading, title, using keywords to rank it on google or basic on page seo can be easily done by the installation of Yoast seo.
  3. Off-page seo: The off-page seo is said to search engine optimization of the website which is basically called steps involved in improving the ranking of a website from outside the domain is called off-page seo. Basically which is done by getting backlinks from good websites Like government websites which have good DR(Domain Rating). This all can be easily done by blog commenting, article submission, forum posting, etc. Nowadays the demand for off-page seo is decreasing as content has become the first priority of google.
  4. By using google analytics: Google analytics helps you in driving more and more traffic on your website . AS it helps you in targeting the exact audience or you can say the most genuine audience. With the help of google analytics you can easily check out the reports of website that how are they working and what are the improvements in the recent campaigns launched by your website on google.
  5. Google search Console: Google has its own live detectors called search console where you can easily take a overview of your website performances. You can easily take a tour of sitemap of your website which will tell you how and which pages are crawled and what errors are their in your crawled pages. Google search console also helps in fixing those errors . It has option of automatically validating fixing of errors. In this way google search console is a complete guidence in working of website.