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Social Media Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019

It is imperative not to lose sight of these social media trends and use them to bring businesses in a better position to boost sales.and also becoming significant to stay in sync with the latest trends in the social media platforms to remain in the business.

Social Media Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019

Tuesday December 04, 2018,

6 min Read

Social Media has become one of the most important and influential platforms that help create a robust connection of a brand with its customers. With continually evolving social media trends, businesses are framing their business strategies in accordance with these changes. It is increasingly becoming significant to stay in sync with the latest trends in the social media platforms to remain in the business.

It has never been easy to predict how social media can help create brand awareness or boost lead generation. Let us discuss, the top 10 Social Media Trends that are sure to make a difference and shouldn’t be missed in the year 2019.

Dominance of Chatbots

Chatbots are expected to gain a lot of prominence in business. In the past few years, it has already been integrated with social media platforms. Many businesses, irrespective of their size and scale of business are making the most of Chatbots to stay 24x7 connected with their clients. The New Year is expected to witness brands investing in Chatbots integration and development for business enhancement.

Chatbots can easily handle frequent queries from customers, and in case, there is a complicated question, the query is redirected to a real person. It has helped customer service interaction seem like a cake walk. The response time has reduced significantly, and the businesses have more free time to handle essential tasks while Chatbots are left to handle multiple clients at a time.

The use of Chatbots is expected to increase in the year 2019 as businesses will use it for brand enhancement.

Augment Reality Concept

Another Social Media trend that is expected to play a pivotal role in the year 2019 is the concept of Augmented Reality. This concept is going to usher us in the world of technology, though it is interesting to note that this technology came into existence in the 60s decade and since then it is continually updated. This technology is increasingly being used for marketing purposes wherein computer-generated sensory is combined with real-world graphics, sounds, and videos. Some prominent examples of Augmented Reality are Pokémon Go, Snap Chat, Mondly, Google Translate, and Ink Hunter.

The technology has found a lot of takers in the real estate sector where prospective buyers can take a virtual tour of the property they are planning to buy. This way, traveling time is saved, and a virtual tour of the place helps to make decisions. Careful placements of Augmented Reality ads in games and mobile apps and areas that attract high traffic can help businesses in building their brand.

Video Ads and Promotions

The use of video ads has witnessed an unprecedented rise. Statistics reveal 63 percent businesses are making active use of video marketing to up their promotions strategies. “A picture speaks louder than a thousand words” adage holds utterly true as a video help in conveying a lot of business information and thus, a perfect way to share information with potential clients. Moreover, it is fun and exciting to watch them. Businesses are expected to up their sales figures by focusing more on video ad creation and make optimal use of social media platforms for its use. With more and more people becoming active on different social media platforms, video marketing holds the key to boost the business.

Live Video Streaming

Another popular trend that is expecting to gain more power in the year 2019 is Live Video Streaming. It is the most effective way to reach the broader target audience base in no time. Marketers use this tool to live stream a demonstration to show what they are doing in their latest product or service offering to entice customers. It helps in building a sense of transparency and trust among customers. Social media also help in recording feedback of viewers watching the live streaming feed. Thus, it is expected to be used more effectively to perform a variety of marketing tasks and enhance the business.

The growth of Influencer Marketing

The concept of Influencer Marketing is gaining a lot of credence among businesses and is expected to continue getting favor in the year 2019. Its use on social media platforms is evolving and gaining a lot of power. Social media channels have micro influencers who enjoy a robust list of followers, anywhere between 1,000 and 90,000. Also referred to as the building blocks of social media, the campaigns floated by them turn out to be far more efficient than any other strategy. Moreover, it is a cost-effective way to get the same results as expected from a traditional advertising campaign. The audiences can be targeted easily at the right time with hassle-free execution of the campaign.

User-generated Content

User-generated is one of the most efficient ways to promote business. It requires less effort and time and is easy to execute. Businesses invite customers to their online interface and allow them to talk about products and services and brand offered by the company by sharing comments, videos, and messages. Practices like using hashtags with comments on social media platforms are expected to help in business growth.

Ephemeral Content and its advantages

The use of fleeting or ephemeral content on profile or page or account for a short period is increasing among businesses. The story goes away from the page once this period is over which in most cases is 24 hours. Instagram and Snap Chat allow users to put fleeting content for 24 hours on their pages. These stories can be seen and read for a fixed time leaving a substantial impact on the readers. The reason behind the popularity of this short content is that it comes across as more authentic among readers as compared with a traditional ad. Many brands make the most of this trend to showcase their product or service which has been recently launched.

Optimal Use of Social Media Platform

This trend is already going strong in 2018 and is expected to continue in 2019. Small businesses, in particular, are making the most of these platforms to get connected with potential customers. The instant connect provided by the platforms with the clients is incomparable with any other marketing method. It is for this reason, a lot of activity is seen on these platforms, all aimed at building a robust online presence among the target audience base.

Thus, it is imperative not to lose sight of these social media trends and use them to bring businesses in a better position to boost sales.