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Startup options in Chandigarh

Startup options in Chandigarh

Monday February 25, 2019,

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Chandigarh, as we all know is a planned city. The advantage of a planned city is that it is clean and the developments take place according to the civil plan laid out by the government, in this case, the central government. When the city is planned the investment process becomes easy as there is less hassle and every department is centralized and streamlined. Chandigarh is also one of the cleanest cities in India.

If you are looking to work as a business person in this clean organized city with a moderate capital in hand then here are a few options you can explore from.  These are also commonly suggested by Business Consultants in Chandigarh.

Computer dealer

If you have good retailing capability, which is, creating contacts in the retail industry, then you can try your hands at computer dealership. Computer is needed in offices schools and colleges. Now the courtrooms and libraries need it too, not to forget the household.


India is just the land for this business. Every Indian is a foodie and people have a knack for home made food. This business is reliable, cost saving and does not require much laborers cost. In fact, one can start it right at home. Digitization has helped many brands in creating brand awareness and getting customers’ base, at least in the first stage of marketing.

You can have your own website explaining the benefits of homemade food and how you stick to the hygiene and extract customers from there. Social media pages are helpful too. With a little mixing up of technology you can give a new facade to the traditional business options.


Presence of Rose Garden, Parrot Bird Sanctuary, Rock Garden, Leisure Valley, Sukhna Lake gives a fine opportunity to startup dreamers for a great step ahead in tourism. Tourism in Chandigarh is also due to its cleanliness, beauty and planning. People love to come here and have a nice time here- a melting pot of culture and modern day planning. The business opportunities here vary from tourist guide to retailing of souvenirs.

Real Estate

If you have decent cash in hand then you may get into real estate business. This business is catching up speed and glory not just in Chandigarh but in whole of India.


This is large industry in Chandigarh. Retail business has several sub divisions. The product and service options are unlimited and you can choose one that is most profitable in Chandigarh. To get a more detailed report on this you may get in touch with Business Consultants in Chandigarh.


Chandigarh has recorded an increasing trends in small and medium sized business. Road connectivity in Chandigarh is sound. NH 21 runs through the city making the travelling time of goods and also passenger minimal. Chandigarh connects well to the town in Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Transport business is not free of hassle. One has got to devote time and have patience in order to start earning profit from this field.

Business consultancy

In the end, all these business entrepreneurs are going to need suggestions from a reliable body. If you are good with researching and have a degree in marketing or management then you can set out as consultants and provide solutions to new entrepreneurs.

Chandigarh was made with an aim to develop it into a smart and modern city and this endeavor is , indeed, on the track.