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How to stop wasting time and be more productive?

How to stop wasting time and be more productive?

Friday May 29, 2020,

6 min Read

In our lives, money is really a great asset. We are always talking about money and how we can earn more, how can we spend it by buying the coolest feature smartphone we ever wanted to buy.

In reality, there is one more thing we are forgetting and it is time. Yes, time is precious. We all have heard this one. 

Time is the only thing you can’t earn but you can always save time rather than wasting it on useless unproductive work. 

Social media has influenced us a lot. People more often are addicted to it and the more they get inside, their productivity falls. According to a research published on BroadBandSearch

Stop wasting time

Today, in 2020, around 3.08 billion people use social media, which is around half the world’s population. 

As we consider the role of social media in our lives today and into the coming future, we’ll have to make a decision whether we want to continue to allow this technology to take up as much of our time as it does today, or if it’s time to pump the breaks on constant mobile connectedness.

If we utilize our time effectively, then we can increase our productivity, make our health better, and be happier with people around us rather than on social media.

Today we will be talking about how we can stop wasting our time on social media or anything that is absolutely useless.

So, what are some ways people waste their time digitally?

1. Unnecessary surfing: 

We are often bored. So, we take out our smartphone and browse something online. Most of the time these are stuff that doesn’t count towards our productivity. 

Most of the people get up in the morning and start to use smartphones rather than planning the day, practicing gratitude and exercising.

2. Chit chat:

We all use some type of messaging apps to talk with friends and relatives. It is completely unnecessary to always use a smartphone for chit chat, sending memes, videos, and commenting to the post on social media. It took a lot of our daily time.

Here is a graphic showing how much of our time on average we spend on each social media. That’s actually a lot of time unless it is counting towards your productivity.

3. Games & much more

We are addicted to online gaming platforms and wasting around 4-5 hours a day. I get it that games are fun. It actually makes you feel good and sometimes removes your boredom.

But we may choose to play games that improve concentration like puzzles, sudoku, chess or many games that make you think. Those games are more fun to play.

Time management plays a vital role in study patterns. So we should avoid wastage of time and make proper use of it. 

So, How can we stop wasting time? How can we minimize the use of social media and gaming platforms?

1. Create a daily based schedule:

The first thing you should do when you get up in the morning is to plan what you are going to do the whole day. Plan the day in small chunks and after every small chunk take a short break.

In that break, you may choose to listen to music or play a short game or watch some good content on youtube for 3-4 minutes and then start again. 

Read about the most popular time management technique, the Pomodoro technique.

2. Keep away all distractions and create aims and goals in life

Create small goals for yourself. Like, weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, and goals for a decade ahead. It will really push you to work and you can stop doing unnecessary things.

Setting personal goals will give you something small to take care of. Those small productive moments will make your day.

Don’t plan too big. Go slowly and update your goals as you progress in life.

3. Stay away from a smartphone while studying

Don’t try to use your smartphone while studying. If you are studying from the internet then avoid using social media during the study time.

Work and study in smaller hours. Don’t pressurize yourself too much. Take it easy and go slowly.

If someday you waste a lot of time procrastinating, then don’t start to hate yourself. Just start over again and do smaller works that matter.

4. Attending online lectures

If you often use the internet, try to join some online courses. You can learn anything you want like coding, SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, mathematics, music, etc.

It will keep you involved and make you busy. You can also start to write blogs or make useful videos. 

Social media nowadays have become one of the most destructive things that completely addicts you and keeps you away from studies or any other activities

Social media can enhance your life by allowing you to connect with old friends. However, if not managed properly it can become an addiction that can consume your time and affect your work.

Studies with Focus = Learning
Distraction + Addiction = Waste of time

Focus is very important for concentrating on studies. However, focus and addiction are two different mentalities of a single person.

If you go with an addiction you'll lose focus.

If you go with focus you have to lose addiction.


Every coin has two sides. Similarly, technology can make our life as heaven but it's overuse can make life as worst as hell.

The competition in the world is growing each day. You need to work to prove your presence. 

Health and fitness, education, business and relationship building are not wasteful activities. 

All you need do is to look at your calendar before you go to bed, see where you are going to be the next day and add in the activities you want to do that day.

By completing your objectives for the day, you will feel you have had a meaningful day, and from that will flow a lot of positive energy.

Good days make a good week and good weeks make a productive month and productive months will lead you to success each year. It will inspire you to do more.

Achieve the best and leave the rest.