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Top 3 Secret Strategies to Run Successful eCommerce Business

eCommerce is the most welcoming business in 2020. Learn the top 3 secret strategies to make your eCommerce business successful. You can also hire eCommerce developers to develop your eCommerce website. Read More...

Top 3 Secret Strategies to Run Successful eCommerce Business

Saturday January 18, 2020,

7 min Read

E-Commerce is a popular platform for reaching thousands and millions of customers all around the world. 

It is the most traffic driven online business where most of the physical stores are converted into online stores or expand their physical store into an online store to reach their targeted customers easily. 

As per the stats, eCommerce business is expected to get 2.05 billion digital buyers in 2020 globally. 

Quite interesting, right? 

People are fond of buying online products because they can shop online anywhere at 24*7*365. 

Thus, it is the best time to start your eCommerce business or to update your existing business with proper features.  

Sell a Product: You can sell different category products to the customers. For example, Amazon, eBay is the software that sells the product to the customers. 

Sell a Service: You can also sell services to your clients like renting the room, vehicles, things, etc., For example, websites like Ola, Uber, Fiverr are providing services to the customers. 

Secret Strategies for Running Successful Ecommerce Business

Now we will discuss the secret strategies that help you to make your eCommerce business successful. 

3 Secret Strategies to Start a Successful eCommerce Business 

As an eCommerce vendor or eCommerce entrepreneur, you have to implement these secret strategies in your online store to draw the attention of your visitors and to turn them into your organic customers. 

1.Find the Perfect Platform for Your Business: 

Software or platform is the most crucial factor that should be chosen perfectly to build your online store.  

There is plenty of software available in the online market, but you have to choose the best platform.  

To select the best software, you have to check whether the platform has the following features: 

  • Admin Dashboard: 

Admin is the responsibility for the performance of the whole eCommerce website. Hence the platform will have Admin dashboards with details like the number of visitors, conversion rates, shopping cart value, sales, order, etc., 

  • Category Management: 

A well-organised category is appreciated in the online store to help customers find their products quickly. The website also wants to have options to add unlimited products and categories. There should be a product management feature in the software to analyse all the product category activities. 

  • Analytics tools: 

Google Analytics is one of the free analytic tools to measure the performance of a website. Your platform should have choice to merge with Google Analytics so that you can analyse the customer behaviour like their visiting page, visiting time, orders, customers’ location, etc., This analytic information will help you to know the active response of customers from the different places, that will lead you to improve your business sales. 

  • SEO and Customer Friendly: 

Another important feature to check in the software is that the platform is SEO friendly or not? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an organic and unpaid activity to rank your website higher in search engines. So, your platform should be SEO friendly. 

Also, your platform should be customer friendly. This contains the following factors like multiple payment options, multiple language support, feedback options, product comparison. This will help customers to shop more with great interest. 

Secret strategies for running successful ecommerce business

ECommerce Platform

Choose the best eCommerce platform with all the above-mentioned features and build your website looking fun, perfect and professional. 

2.Focus on Customer Satisfaction: 

Customer is the key to every business. Customer satisfaction is the most priority task that you have followed on the first day of your business. 

As said before, analysing the customer behaviour will help you to trace which location the customer belongs and which device she/he used to browse your website, which page is visited more, etc., Hence you can easily spread your business more in that location and also add some colourful posts in the page. This is one of the ways to reach your customers easily. You have to follow it regularly. 

  • Find your Niche:

Niche plays a major role here. You have to identify the niche in which you are interested. Because selling products in the non-interested niche will drop your business sales. There is different niche like sports items, education items- stationeries or books, outfits, cosmetics, pet supplies, etc., in which select your favourite niche and start your eCommerce business. 

Tip: To know the top-selling online items based on your niche, you can refer to Amazon or eBay websites. 

  • Find Your Customers:

Your niche can be either concentrated on one field or you can run multi niche stores like Amazon. Once the niche is fixed, identify your customers to be targeted. You have to figure out, what your customers love and do implement the things in your store. 

You have to give complete customer satisfaction and 100% customer support with practical solutions. Replying to customers’ queries should always be one of your tasks. This will help to increase customers’ loyalty towards your business.  

secret strategies for running successful ecommerce business

Customer Satisfaction Process

3.Always Be Top on Promoting Products: 

Marketing helps you to promote your products and services across different regions. A smart marketing strategy should be applied to rank your website higher between your targeted customers.  

You can implement the following 8 marketing strategies: 

  • Email Marketing: 

Email is an important application that is used by most of the digital buyers often. Use this platform as a great place to promote your product and services. Design your product or service in the form of a creative and attractive advertisement and send it as mail to your customers. Don’t hold your customers with too many emails. Send twice a month with a useful message. Email is one of the best ways to get engagement with the customers. 

Bonus Tips: Mail Chimp, Cake mail, Mail jet are some of the best email templates to design your catchy mail. Also focus on the subject, because the subject of the message will be your headline of the mail. 

  • Word of Mouth Marketing

Since customers are everything to the business, you should encourage them to shop more in your online store.  

To retain existing customers, offer them interesting and seasonal deals and discounts. It will make customers happy. The existing customers who are happy with your customer services will recommend your online business to their friends, which is one of the ways of getting new customers and expanding your business. 

This is called word of mouth marketing which is more powerful than online marketing because new customers can get positive feedback about your products from the existing customers.

Make your customers as indirect brand ambassadors. 

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): 

Social media is the place of digital marketing. You can post different interesting images about your business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., to get visible to your audience. Post regularly with appropriate hashtags will help you to stay visible. 

  • Video Marketing: 

Video is the next level of image marketing. Making fun animated videos related to your store niche will draw the attention of visitors. Hence it opens the path of the audience to turn into your customers. YouTube is the most visited platform after Google. Hence upload YouTube videos regularly. 

  • Content Marketing: 

Content is the king of promoting your products. Writing useful articles, designing catchy slogans are some of the ways you can use them for marketing. 

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): 

SEO is the freeway to rank higher in all search engines. Picking up the right keywords will help you to achieve this factor. 

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): 

SEM is the paid way to promote the business. If you are comfortable to invest the amount in paid advertisements, then you can design display ads and promote the ad on famous blogs based on your niche to get viewers. 

  • Offline Marketing: 

Offline Marketing is a traditional way to display your products to the local people. Displaying banner size ads, posters will also be one of the best advertising ways. 

Secret Strategies for running successful ecommerce business

Online Marketing

Hence, follow these different strategies to stay smart on online business. 


I hope this article will help you to know the secret strategies of the online business. You can implement these useful ideas on your website to make your eCommerce business more successful and also to increase your business sales in 2020.

If you are not a programmer, you can hire eCommerce app developers at an affordable price to design and develop your eCommerce website based on your budget and requirements.