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5 Tips by Ayaan Khan to Pursue Career in Entertainment Industry

5 Tips by Ayaan Khan to Pursue Career in Entertainment Industry

Tuesday June 02, 2020,

4 min Read

Ayaan Khan

Many people wish to pursue their career in acting these days especially young ones. Due to glamour and money, acting career attracts majority of people. However, it’s not easy as it seems from outside. Career in entertainment industry requires enough skills that every individual doesn’t have.

Some people are really avid about this line and they put their hard efforts to accomplish their dreams and goals. So, if you are the one who wants to pursue a career in acting and have zeal then this post is for you. 

Career in entertainment industry is not easy since it requires unique skills, talent as well as capabilities to perform anything. Competition is also too high these days because of glamour attached to this profession. So, questions arise here is how to pursue career in acting! What to do? How to start? 

There are numerous things that one must ask themselves before making decisions:

  • What kind of talent you have?
  • What kind of acting did you wish you pursue? Film, TV, Stage or some other one?
  • Are you ready to accept refusal?
  • Are you keen to commit yourself completely to acting, doesn’t matter how much time it takes?

Below given are some tips shared by Ayaan Khan that one can follow if they want to pursue their career in entertainment industry.

Let’s have a look at these..!!!

  • Create an Attractive Acting Profile

Actors/Actresses are well known for their great acting skills. In order to apply for any job, one needs a strong and impressive profile and same is in the case of acting too. It's vital to make an impressive acting profile so that you can confidently show it to producers, event organizers and directors. Though remember the profile must incorporate all facts about your qualifications. 

Not limited to this only, you must also mention events, skits or dramas that you might have performed earlier in your life. You might have videos of some of your performances that you can show while going for interviews. 

  • Market Your Skills on Social Networks

In today’s competitive world, people rarely have time to read newspapers as well as magazines. Reading habit is nearly extinct. Nowadays, people spend enough time on social media, am I right? Maybe it’s not an ideal forum for all careers; however, it can be a perfect place for acting field to show their talent and skills. 

Social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram are quite popular these days and here you can share your video easily. Also, here people have the choice to share their comments as well as views. The comments and feedback from users can really help you in sharpening your skills. In addition to this, people will come to know about one’s talent. 

  • Building Experience

The best thing is that you can meet local actors in your area, build your community and try to learn from their past experiences. You can also find work if you have some time. This will help you in understanding things better of how TV shows, as well as movies, are made. 

On the off chance, if you reside close to a big city then check if any new movie is going to shoot over there. 

  • Hire an Acting Agent

It’s a perfect idea to put hard efforts in enhancing your skills but it’s not only enough to make a career in acting. You can hire an acting agent who can hone your skills and brings out your hidden talent outside. They are experienced enough and working in industry from a long time. Also, they have many contacts that can help you in future. 

No doubt, their fees is quite high but it will only help you later on and you will thank yourself for making the best decision of hiring acting agent in future. 

  • Attend Workshops

Do you know attending casting workshops has the power to sharpen your skills? Yes, that’s true! Also, this way you can easily meet new people and can grow your network. 

While researching workshops, remember that they may be expensive. So, ensure to select it carefully in order to get effective outcomes that can take your career to the next higher level. 


Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about the tips to pursue career in entertainment industry. Remember practice and learning will never go old; it will only polish your skills and takes you to the heights of success.