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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

Tips for increasing your Instagram story views

If you manage to stick to some key rules when using Instagram, you have a real chance of significantly increasing your views - organically.

Tips for increasing your Instagram story views

Monday March 09, 2020,

8 min Read

Every month, more than a billion people use the Instagram app, 500 million of whom use the Instagram story function every day. In 15-second sections, you set the relevant impression: You share your tips or experiences, give insights into your life, get opinions like about the voting sticker and find out how your community thinks about something and what should happen next.

Use the Instagram story format as a second impression

On average, users spend 28 minutes on Instagram per day, a large part of which is spent in the stories. There it is the second impression you leave after convincing someone via a feedpost to follow you and want to see more. The viewer wants to look behind the scenes and get more private insights. 

Many influencers take you through their lives every day and this is exactly the attraction: a parasocial relationship is formed over time because you have the feeling that you are always there with your best friend. Regardless of whether Julia Beautx, influencer with 2.6 million followers, is trying out the most spectacular roller coasters, especially in the amusement park, and holding her camera in the loop, so that everyone can see how fast and fast it went and how brave she is. Or whether Julian Bam, influencer with 4.2 million followers, confidentially announces before a backstage appearance how nervous he is right now. We are there and that builds trust and closeness.

With this trust and the constant approach, the community is built and strengthened and at the same time the value of your own brand is increased. Because closeness and trust also mean that followers are more likely to follow a recommendation from you, buy merchandise from you or visit an event where you are a guest. For the viewer, the Instagram story is a good mix of entertainment - you can be there and experience things live - and information - insights into how things work, the latest information and updates. Reason enough to take a look at how instagram story views can be increased.

The user experience comes first on Instagram

It is important to understand when Instagram shows a instagram story to more people, to make more people aware of you and then get them to stay tuned and watch it every day.

Instagram primarily wants to ensure a good user experience. If a user is satisfied, this also means that the user extends their stay on this platform and potentially increases the income: the longer someone clicks through the stories, the more paid instagram story advertisements can be shown to them. 

The formula is simple: If you use Instagram with your content to keep people in the app, the algorithm will show your instagram story to your followers and the likelihood that you will even be suggested to new people via the Explore Page also increased.

Watchtime is probably the strongest indicator

How many seconds of a 45 second story, for example, does a user actually look at? If he clicks away quickly, after only three to four seconds, our story was too boring, it didn't get enough attention. If the majority watches the story to the end, it suggests relevance. You can see your statistics in the insights of each individual story: There you will find numbers on the questions, how many have clicked away, have stayed or also viewed the next story. You will receive direct feedback.

Interaction is always a sign of relevant content

If someone reacts to your instagram story via a smiley and signals that the story is good, funny - or even writes a message afterwards - it means the content is relevant. High levels of interaction testify to a lot of relevant content. When people switch to proactive communication, conversations and discussions will build a lot of closeness in a very short time and the connection will become closer. This requires a clear focus on your chosen content. Your goal should be to make the connection so tight that your followers are already in the starting blocks when you publish new content.

Only relevant content is shared

If your instagram story is so special that someone decides to share it with others in public or in a message, this will not only increase your relevance enormously, but also lead to attracting new followers to your community. Here the viewer is committed to others. Infographics, short, concise tips or funny stories are particularly popular and are passed on so that even the best friend can learn or laugh.

The instagram story function on Instagram is comparable to a diary

With the story function you take the viewer with you for the first coffee in the morning and follow him until the lights are switched off in the evening. Instagram Stories, which are structured exactly according to this pattern, are particularly popular. This quickly gives viewers the feeling of being there themselves and being able to turn from their own everyday life to another and get inspiration from time to time.

Tip: Make sure that your instagram story has a beginning and an end and maybe also reflects your daily routine. People identify with you and your everyday life. It is like a short daily film consisting of an introduction, a main part and a conclusion.

Your topic makes the music

Your channel should be dedicated to a specific topic, such as fitness, yoga, or fashion. Your topic is mainly represented by the news feed, the story reinforces it in the best case. Show your followers that you live for it and stand behind what you show. A fitness channel that is operated by someone who does not have content from the studio in their instagram story but shows their unhealthy lifestyle is not authentic. A good mix of topic content and a look behind the scenes, stories that show who you really are are recommended.

Tip: In your instagram story, always give small tips on the topic of the channel and, with increasing views, also increase your personal stories that show your character and position you. It is your values ​​and personality that make you irreplaceable.

Make your community distinctive

If your community grows and people follow you for a longer period of time, your own language can make sense. Give your community a name, make it something distinctive and share insights with them - like friends do in real life. Let them become insiders. For example, you can always refer to something in the past that everyone was involved in or created neologisms. As a result, the close circle feels part of it and new followers are motivated to become part of your community, because otherwise they feel "excluded".

It is important to find a healthy relationship. You are not supposed to scare or exclude anyone. A common mission such as having your dream body by summer (on a fitness channel) or completing daily meditation (on a meditation channel) can motivate you to become part of it.

Tip: Define a mission for your community and, together with your community, create insiders who build more closeness.

Habits are essential

We all have our own habits, need them and love them too. They should also be found in your daily story. The learning of the day or the task of the week, certain rituals such as a morning or evening routine that you always address, or Tea Time, a 15-second story in which you always brew tea at the same time, ensure that that your followers always come back and integrate you into their everyday life. Even if the algorithm shows you far ahead, some users will stop by at certain times due to the ritual so that they can see this content. Habits also build closeness, as you quickly become part of others' lives and belong daily.

Tip: Include rituals that help others and improve their everyday life. A quick tip at a certain time, a positive routine that others can easily and easily adopt.

Your Instagram story is the daily news of others

The Instagram story is like a news channel on TV to the outside reporter who reports live. It enables followers to be in a different place, with a different person and with a different event with one click. Your stories should invite you to engage in dialogue with each other in order to get closer to each other. Interaction is the ultimate goal in daily stories. Start with three to five stories a day and slowly increase the number with increasing views. It's like someone you get to know.  And who knows what will come of it in the end.