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Tips to survive in the ecommerce industry

For all the startup enthusiasts in ecommerce

Tips to survive in the ecommerce industry

Wednesday October 31, 2018,

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Tips to survive in the ecommerce industry 

Maybe in the starting you might feel that I am providing you a negative impression about the ecomm industry. 

But this is reality, which has to be mirrored. What we are doing in the digital world is Juxtaposing. So, without juxtaposing, I am turning the mirror on the ecomm startups aspirants. 

Mr.Neeraj Chopra
Mr.Neeraj Chopra

Here, I am giving you an in-depth knowledge of ecommerce industry for the start up enthusiasts:

Have an Idea :" Having an idea sir jee" is the first step in the start up of any venture. But without a vision, it soon turns into a doomsday. I don't want you all to face all that, so first have an idea, then create a Business Model, work on it and get it funded in the end. Funding should be an end game, when the idea is implemented and your Business Model is working. Creating a niche business model. Maybe people have done it before but you are providing an relatively new outlook to the products and services industry. "Think about it"

Getting bucks and burning is easy but maximising profit is quite a tedious task.

Always remember you are virtual, people can't touch the product: When you are developing the best ecommerce experience, always provide products which are of superior quality. For example : We are CartNYou, a marketplace where one can get anything to everything". Our motto is "What you see is what you get".

So, we try and provide the best quality products for our customers, as we believe in quality.

Don't chase the latest, always try to build a community : Every month ecommerce industry has new trends, but it is not necessary to follow the trend. The latest trends which crystallises tries to give new impact to the industry, but only implement very few of them and look for the long term growth through it. 

Website : Create a website which people look upon. It has to be video compatible and the products should have complete description. Define segments, like in CartNYou, we are a marketplace, so we are proffering variety of products, it becomes important for us to define the products and also target the audience accordingly.One more thing is Customer Experience Mapping, which is important. This is by creating a funnel for the customers, in accordance with the new customer base and demographics.

Reviews : There is nothing larger than the " Word of mouth". Positive reviews makes your brand presence and it also creates a brand name. 

Study user behaviour : Today's criteria is observing the user behaviour, which meets the criteria for becoming the individuals. People don't look for the sites where they are audience, but they continuously fetch for the sites where they are treated as the individuals. 

Integrating social media : If you want to create a brand in ecommerce, then social media is must. It curates the successful presence of the brand in the tough online world. Integrate your brand site into Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and others. The social media enables the users to post the reviews about the products they have purchased. 

    Above mentioned are the few tips, which is bit of know and who about the ecommerce world. One more thing which matters is  

    what technologies are you using for the startups to grow and expand there horizons. Wait for following parts, and learn more about the ecommerce world. 

This article is curated by Neeraj Chopra, who is founder of CartNYou, ecommerce marketplace and expert reviewer of the of the ecommerce world.

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