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Top 3 Key Software for your Enterprises

Top 3 Key Software for your Enterprises

Tuesday September 18, 2018,

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Softwares for the business
Softwares for the business

Selecting the best business software for your business is a complex process when you add in one factor-“integration”. The software are supposed to automate the tasks you perform and save your time. However making a mix of solutions to work together, can suck back the time and make all your efforts into wash.

Many software are available today and most of the companies leverage them. They are particularly very useful in larger companies can configure them in bulk to suit their users. Therefore, you do not want to buy an entire office suite to use a ten percent of its features. Instead, you can buy the individual software that will satisfy your needs. In addition, often at a much lower price. Here are three best software that may best help your business. So let’s see how do these software can be helpful and its benefits.

Intranet Software:

Intranet software allows the companies to build a secure and private network that can be accessed only by the internal employees. This serves as the single focal point to access internal and external resources, and enables employees to collaborate, share documents and other information. 

Aufait enables companies to utilize this social platform to capture and share corporate knowledge with one centralized location. It’s a ready to use solution that can be deployed on Office 365 SharePoint online. This intranet is capable of leveraging all the features of SharePoint online for communication and collaboration features. Although there are various tools and apps available to facilitate communication, the intranet can become a collective, a facilitator, a portal that can bring together all these different tools and in today’s marketplace, it has become more relevant and valuable than ever before. 

E-tender software:

This is a secured intranet based software for creating, executing, and managing all the supplier contracts form the initial level of negotiations until the contract expiration and contract compliance. It provides a single electronic repository for all the documentation, eliminating the inefficiencies and risks of the traditional paper based contract management process. The e-tendering system delivers complete automation to the tendering process, it creates, manage, distribute and evaluate tenders using the easy to see tendering solution by Aufait.

Using this e-procurement software, you can manage all your contracts in one place including the contract documents. It streamlines requisitions, POs, inventory management and payments and lets you build excellent relationships with your suppliers. This online purchase software gives you a quick ROI by helping you efficiently manage you day to day purchasing and gain control over your spending.

Performance Management System

This system facilitate the attainment of individual and corporate goals. This performance management system helps you to track and monitor the performance of every individual employees department and the entire company. 

An performance appraisal system can be set up in various ways. A typical system may incorporate helpful assets for making inquiries about performance and for following actual production or productivity. It might likewise have a dashboard that enables clients to make reports. 

A vital issue with performance management system is how valuable these systems are in real business process. Performance management is frequently connected with employee assessments and surveys, which can be subjective to perform. This adversely influences the adoption of performance management solution, thus.

Summing up all the above software will help you spend more time working in your business rather than working on your business and that’s a good thing.