Top 5 Best Hotel Guest Feedback Softwares in 2019

Get in touch with piHappiness and install their hotel guest feedback software to increase your revenue and obtain feedback reports from your visitors.

Top 5 Best Hotel Guest Feedback Softwares in 2019

Thursday September 12, 2019,

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The main aim of every hotel owner is to have every room booked and the only way it can happen is if the customers are happy. This is the reason why many hotels are trying to utilize customer feedback tools/systems to keep track of how much the customers are satisfied with the services. Customer feedback systems are web applications that allow businesses to manage complaints and user suggestions in a structured way.

Customer feedback is an essential element for any business. It’s one of the most effective ways hotels can improve their services which, in turn, improves their guests’satisfaction. Moreover, guest feedback improves the customer experience (CX) as well, and Customer Feedback Management (CFM) records important feedback that can be used to heed to the feedback that needs immediate attention.

Various online customer feedback management services use different approaches, but measuring customer satisfaction is the primary aim of most of these systems, while some models also measure related aspects such as customer loyalty and customer word of mouth. The methodology behind each service has an important impact on the nature of service itself.

Here are 5 Best Hotel Guest Feedback Software's Which They Can Use to Properly Assess Their Guests’ Feedback.

1) piHappiness

piHappiness has become one of the most prominent hotel feedback software for hotels. It provides a wide variety of features, which helps to fetch uninterrupted customer feedback. The obtained data provides insights about the quality of food, the behavior of staff, ambiance of the hotel, and much more. 

It analyses the obtained feedbacks and provides detailed analytics, which helps hotel owners to elevate the standard of their services. It uses multiple metrics like single and multiple questionnaires, NPS scores, etc., to track customer opinions and satisfaction. It helps your hotel in being aware of multiple customer opinions such as total responses, satisfied customers, and unsatisfied customers.

Resolving the issues of unsatisfied customers through real-time feedback helps hotels in improving their brand image, as well as improving the satisfaction of the customers. The feedback reports can be obtained in several forms like pie charts, tables and so on.

piHappiness thrives in providing hotels with guest management solutions and improving their feedback. Get in touch with their customer support system and install hotel guest feedback system to increase your revenue and obtain other benefits by getting reports from your visitors.

2) Survey Monkey

It is a hotel feedback software used by many hotels across the world and is well known for its survey tools. It has a very simple UI (User Interface) and is recognizable and easy to navigate, which improves the convenience of the staff for using it. There are 15 different types of questions to choose from in SurveyMonkey’s customer feedback system, such as open comments and multiple choices. SurveyMonkey’s customer feedback tool is good for one-off surveys, and can also help hotels to measure overall satisfaction. Hotels can email questionnaires to different customers, trigger targeted surveys and can also choose from a library of predefined surveys.

3) Trust Pilot

Many hotels use Trust Pilot’s customer feedback system, which can be attributed to its reviews and ratings being higher than other feedback tools. Moreover, Trust Pilot allows you to engage directly with your guests by responding to positive or negative feedback as soon as they check-out or check-in, and also provides the option of sending an email to the guests, inviting them to review the hotel. Moreover, this system has added benefits and incentives like advanced analytics, more review requests per month, thank you emails following a review, and much more.

4) Room Assistant

Room Assistant is an all in one hotel feedback app. It has more advanced features than most of the feedback systems. It can be used for communicating with the guests in real-time, and also continues interacting with the guests after they check-out to maintain a healthy relationship, improving their guest experience. This software provides a plethora of options to the hotels to improve guest experience such as sending special offers for certain services, reminders for activities, and interacting with the management live. Moreover, the feedback obtained is analyzed in detail by the system, which helps in filtering out good and bad feedback. This helps hotels in figuring out the areas they can improve their services in, and work on it to improve guest satisfaction significantly.

5)     Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback helps the hotel management as it instantly alerts you whenever feedback is submitted, so the person responsible in the hotel can respond quickly. Carrying out feedback surveys and analyzing the satisfaction score of the guests, Zonka Feedback helps hotels in not only improving the satisfaction of customers with negative feedback but also in analyzing the areas where either the premises or the hotel management needs improvement.


Hotels have a very demanding job of keeping up with their guests’ needs. Hence, incorporating a guest feedback system for managing guest feedback efficient and effective is crucial.