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Virtual Assistant Guide

Learn all about hiring Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Guide

Monday June 03, 2019,

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Virtual Assistant Guide

We often find ourselves in a lookout for additional aid, perspectives, and opinions. It isn't because we are incompetent, but because the world today has rendered any potential possibilities of self-sufficiency with the idea of co-working or assistance. It is only with this, that a person can successfully meander through the complex dynamics of our professional or personal ecosystem.

However, the assistance solutions are on the rise and have been all the rage lately. From Amazon’s Alexa to the Google assistant, there are no shortages of options there. Another division of this realm has been that of a Virtual Assistant. The unfamiliarity of this service has it seldom being confused as the former.

A Virtual Assistant here is a person who operates remotely, from a home-office to assist on the tasks delegated to them by you.  Hence, they wouldn't require an individual desk/ cubicle, work schedule or office supplies like a physical employee would. Moreover, these individuals are highly skilled, trained and well equipped in their respective field.

Virtual Assistant Guide

It seems that this service is even more so relevant to budding entrepreneurs and small business owners who cannot afford to appoint a full-fledged physical employee to work under them. Virtual assistants’ abilities to present a professional persona both in person and in their work, while charging nearly half the amount as the sum incurred with hiring an employee, have made them the one of the most sought after services by people irrespective of their professional/ personal background and barriers.  They harness the technology at hand, mainly Skype, emails and calls as effective communication channels where information is passed through to either tweak a pre-existing task, sharing opinions, perspectives, brainstorming and so on.

As an added benefit, certain virtual assistant company offers great deals and discounts on their services. For this reason, people who chose to test the waters in the realm of virtual assistants are more likely to save up on not just free time, but also money than their counterparts.

With the speed in which the world is progressing presently, it is evident that such services will soon represent a brand new frontier in businesses.  

What tasks a virtual assistant perform?

Virtual assistants are now an upcoming enterprise that is swiftly taking over the market by assisting business and people alike, on their climb to success. Briefly, virtual assistants are individuals who work remotely, on the tasks delegated by their clients, either for personal or professional purposes. But then again, one might wonder, what do these ‘tasks’ comprise of? Hence, below is a list of services that the virtual assistants cater to.

List of Virtual Assistant Services

  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Virtual Administrative Assistant
  • Virtual Executive Assistant
  • Real Estate virtual Assistant
  • E-commerce virtual assistant
  • Data entry virtual assistant
  • Social Media virtual assistant
  • Business support services
  • Bookkeeping virtual assistant
  • Accounting virtual Assistant
  • Email virtual assistant
  • Virtual Research Assistant
  • Virtual Marketing Assistant
  • Business travel assistant
  • Graphic design assistant
  • Web design virtual assistant
  • Log design virtual assistant
  • Content marketing
  • Blog support
  • Document Management service
  • Office virtual assistant
  • Internet marketing virtual assistant

Here are more details About Virtual Assistant services:

Personal Assistance:

We constantly find ourselves in a dilemma over adhering to our schedules and not having enough time to complete them, no matter what they might be. Instead of stressing over this, a virtual assistant is a good alternative. They will answer your calls and emails, oversee and edit your documents, give you reminders of important events accordingly and so much more.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Assistance:

Not all of us are equipped with great math skills and need a little nudge of assistance from someone else, don't we? With the help of a virtual assistant, not only will you have an organized ledger, but might also end up clearing off your debts in no time.

Business Support:

It isn't easy to tend to your business whilst handling the myriad aspects that come with it. Hence, it is great to hire a virtual assistant to take the load of, so that you can use the available free time, productively to make better business decisions.

Digital Marketing:

Be it enhancing your lead to the next level to optimizing content creation, virtual assistants know it all. They will make a significant addition to your marketing strategies and scale them higher.

Graphic Designing:

If you are ever looking to convey the right message through the right design ethics and a service that could do it at a fraction of the market price. Then, a virtual assistant is undoubtedly made for you. Once the vision of your brand has been established, the virtual assistant will then use that to customize the design to uplift your brand by using the necessary tools from their arsenal to make it as enchanting to your potential viewers as possible.

IT and Website services:

Constructing an impactful domain is key to garner potential clients today. Hence, hiring an economic expert service which a virtual assistant can provide is your best bet at achieving this goal.

Content Writing:

Copywriting takes a particular set of skills that only a few possess. Since a virtual assistant has profound knowledge on using the right vocabulary, editing blogs and articles if and when necessary, they make a great partner in enhancing the way you present yourself or your business through the written word.


If you ever have a hard time choosing to hire the right candidate or have no experience in doing so, then appointing a virtual assistant would be far more effective. Since, they will have the ability to deduce a candidate’s suitability, through their experience in the field of recruiting in its entirety, you will be assured an employable and intelligent workforce.

Customer Support:

If there is one thing that needs immediate attention, professionally, it’s providing reliable customer care. A virtual assistant here ensures 24*7 customer support and will hence be able enough to handle high-pressure tasks such as this.

Real estate virtual assistant:

Real estate virtual assistant is a remote worker who can complete a wide variety of real estate tasks, such as preparing & filing paperwork, responding to email inquiries, setting up meetings, etc.

Virtual Marketing Assistant

A Virtual Marketing Assistant is a person contracted to provide clerical and project management support to a company's marketing department or manager from a remote location.

E-commerce virtual assistant

E-commerce Virtual Assistants provide data security required for the easy running of an E-Commerce Businesses and also act as dedicated project manager for an E-commerce Business, dealing with things like Customer Support Outsourcing, Admin, Writing, Web, Reception, Bookkeeping, etc.

Pros & Cons of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Since few years, Outsourcing has been synonymous of attaining great talent virtually. Majority of companies, everywhere are considering the advantages of virtual outsourcing. In this article, we shall discuss a few of the pros and cons of virtual outsourcing for a business.

Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant are:


Hiring a virtual staff is easy because there are the least variables to consider. They are flexible enough to either increase or decrease their usage. They can be hired for the additional services as well at any point of the time, based on the needs.

Work 24/7

Outsourcing a virtual assistant can get your work done even when you sleep. They work all the hours you are out, thereby enhancing productivity. The ultimate hours they work can be customized accordingly.


Every entrepreneur cannot be a multi-talented, even if he is, he doesn’t have enough time to execute the tasks with one hand. Virtual Assistants are skilled professionals who possess knowledge and experience in the relevant skills and hence portray the task with utmost proficiency. They fill up the entire skill gap in your organization.

Enhance Efficiency

Virtual Assistants can be easily employed to non-core business tasks. They differentiate the productive and non-productive business and free up the mundane duties. They help maximize business efforts.

Quick Response

Virtual Assistants take up the large, tedious and time-consuming tasks. They can be the most effective option to meet a deadline and assist you with the timeline of the project.


VA’s save you most of the time, without interfering with the in-house employees. They off-load all your time-consuming tasks. They get rid of all the unwanted interruptions and perform tasks in a regular manner.

Free up Time

Outsourcing turns out to be more productive and efficient. Virtual Assistants carry out the repetitive and menial tasks letting you focus your energy on making important decisions.

Fill up Skill Gaps

As an entrepreneur, it is not always possible to possess the required skill-sets. Whereas, outsourcing helps the organization to save time and improve the acquired results.


Virtual Assistants come well equipped and perform duties as per your concern.

They work for different time zones ensuring your business is up 24/7. If you feel there is less or no work associated with the VA, you can abruptly end the contract with him.


Outsourcing to a virtual assistant can be much more cost-effective. They save you loads of money associated with recruiting costs, office supplies, space and much more. This can turn out to be highly beneficial for smaller businesses.

Cons of hiring a Virtual Assistant

Impact on Morale

Although outsourcing let you save money, it might affect the in-house employee morale. It might make them feel resentful and disappointed.

Cultural Barrier

There might arise communication issues due to lack of language and cultural terms, while outsourcing. One way to avoid this is to hire someone from the home country.

Lack of Motivation

In-house employees are always motivated to work for the positive outcome of a job. Because it is directly or indirectly associated with their secure employment. Whereas, in outsourcing, virtual assistants lack the desired motivation to perform a job perfectly.

Response Time

The virtual team tends to have longer response time and they might not be efficient enough to perform longer discussions.

Relationship Building

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant requires a prerequisite amount of training. And developing the communication to meet the expectations must be done appropriately. This often loses a certain amount of time.


Companies must be careful of sharing confidential information outside the company. Keeping information secure must be a huge consideration while outsourcing.

How virtual assistant can help Entrepreneurs and Businesses

As an entrepreneur, you want to concentrate on more profitable work rather than petty tasks. There are numerous time-consuming tasks associated with an enterprise, whether it is small or big.

Here comes into the picture, the Virtual Assistant. He is someone who understands your urgency and acts proactively to help achieve your target.

Important tasks dedicated to a Virtual Assistant:

Monitor Database

A Virtual Assistant knows your needs and monitors them accordingly. They are language experts with a lot of rich data and information. They monitor and collect all the database for both personal as well as small businesses.

Content Writing

Virtual Assistant prepare the material for your blogs and articles according to the need. They even proofread the existing content with minor changes in grammar, sentence structure and much more. They get everything in ready to publish mode.

Data Entry

Though it requires lease skill-sets, data entry is a tedious and time-consuming task. A VA can help you complete this task with utmost efficiency.

Bi-Lingual Ability

When you have clients and customers from more than one countries, then you require expertise in more than one languages. A VA is someone who is an expert in executing work in your desired language because of his wide reach.

Human Resources

Hiring is an essential process conducted in the organization. A VA can help in searching the desired profiles, conduct interviews and follow up them regularly. They support your team whenever necessary and save the essential time for your team.

Conduct Presentations

Business presentations have a lot of things associated with it. They must be conducted with accuracy and after due research. A PPT presentation is something that requires efficiency, hence, a VA can help you execute it with professionalism.

Online Research

Online Research is a mandatory process for executing the business. It requires efficient and effective VA to be in place. Just provide simple instructions to the VA and they will hold the research for you and present everything in a sophisticated manner, saving loads of time.

Book Appointments

Virtual Assistants book appointment and reservations for you. They schedule your appointments and maintain it in the register. They update the calendar and conduct shopping for you if you are a small firm.


Bookkeeping is a mundane and tedious task. All the bills and receipts must be compiled properly for an efficient process of Bookkeeping. VA maintains a detailed Excel sheet and relieves you from unnecessary headaches and stress.

Customer Support

Customer support and engagement must be conducted in an efficient manner. It is an important process involved in a business organization. VA give your customers top priority. They resolve the queries at an appropriate level.

VA does this job for you and saves you loads of time.

Virtual Assistant sets up a trust factor within the business. They establish a connection within your business just like an in-house employee. They take care of everything and reduce your workload so that you can focus on many important aspects of growing the business.

How to hire a virtual assistant for business

Entrepreneurs or small business owners do not always have the means to afford individual teams to handle specific tasks. For instance, corporates have a marketing team, tech team and so on. Each one of these has a particular task they need to work on. But, the rest of us, however, are pushed to do all of them ourselves due to time and budgetary constraints. A quick and yet effective solution to this would be to hire a virtual assistant (VA). Due to the unfamiliarity of such a service, not many know how to go about the process of employing a VA. Hence, below is a brief explanation on how to do so.

Baby Steps

Due to the urgency of the matter, people directly start to dump a huge chunk of their to-do list onto their VA. What must be done is that they should start small instead. Delegating tasks as simple as managing emails and answering calls will be a good way to get the process started and also aid your VA to familiarize themselves with your business or personal schedule.

Descriptive Introduction

It is imperative that the instructions that have been given to the VA are as descriptive and clear as possible. The stake of the entire process, rely on this aspect alone. Any discrepancies in this will immediately trickle down on the quality of the performance communication between the client and the VA. Hence, it is very likely that the individual will garner extensive losses and an unreliable result.


To maintain an organized framework of sorts, it's important to get clear on how much time you will want to allocate for the VA to work on.  Time is of the essence therefore, it determines just how quick your tasks will get done and how well. This will, in turn, help you deduce just how many tasks you can assign them on the long run.

Use Referrals

The best way to ensure that you might end up with an assured virtual assistant service is through your connections. If you know of anyone who has used a virtual assistant for either their personal or professional purposes, connect with them and ask any possible question and doubts you might have about them and use the information to hire a suitable one for yourself.

Clear Communication

To hire a virtual assistant it is important to lay down a communicative framework that is flawless enough to give clear instructions for your assistant top follow through. If this doesn’t exist then, it is no doubt that the entire process between you and your virtual assistant will fall apart in no time.

Virtual assistant services are now swiftly taking over various industries and sectors for their renowned efficacy and exceptional skills. If you do need a hand to get to know this service better, do contact us to get started on the same.

How to use your Virtual Assistant Effectively

Modern-day productivity tasks let the entrepreneur overwhelmed and drains up their energy to a great extent. Virtual Assistants become vital to any organization because they get the work done effectively, while you as an entrepreneur can focus on other prime aspects of the business. It is better to outsource everything and get really efficient at managing virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants not only help with lead generation but also ensure a smooth flow in the business. Before you hire a VA, you must know how to effectively utilize the resources and expertise of a VA.

Identify the Repetitive Tasks

You must know what tasks are mundane to you. Define them and hire a VA accordingly. If the tasks are occurring regularly and consuming loads of your time. Then, it is beneficial not to overthink about it, and outsource it someone else.

Prioritize the Expectations

Virtual Assistants can help you with a number of tasks. They basically handle anything from scheduling meetings to generating leads. You, as an entrepreneur, must set clear expectations and let them complete the tasks by presenting them the steps to be taken to accomplish the activity.

Basic English

Most of the virtual assistants you hire might not be the native English speakers. Hence, it is better to let go of complex terminology and use basic English as simple as possible. State your goal clearly in the task description and explain the steps that lead to the effective conclusion of the goal.

Use Right Tools

Enhance the productivity of your virtual assistants by giving them access to the right set of tools that leads to productivity. Otherwise, it might consume a lot of time to execute an individual activity.

Examine them before Hiring

Give your virtual assistant an exam to test their expertise in the subject. This step must be done before hiring them. If they pass the test, it means they are a good fit for the job. The test helps you analyze VA skills on a long-term basis. It also helps you deal with potential clients in an effective way.

Enhance the Relationship

Establish a relationship with your virtual assistants, even if it is remotely. It creates a strong bond among you both and helps establish a fun while working together.

Enable Cloud

It is effective to manage files among you and your VA by using cloud storage. It helps build a shared folder and ensure easy transfer of files to track the flow of materials.

If you wish, you can utilize the external tracking software to ensure that the work is done according to your preferences. Virtual Assistants are here to stay. They perform numerous tasks, not only administrative but also professional on-going activities. Now that you are aware of the whereabouts of a virtual assistant, it is high time to utilize one and get started!

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