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Top 4 Wholesale Dropshippers in India

Top 4 Wholesale Dropshippers in India

Tuesday August 13, 2019,

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Via: Coorgle Dropshipping(CDS)

Dropshipping makes the process of doing business easy. How? A customer places the order, you pass that order details and supplier packs the product and ships the item for you. In short, suppliers handle everything. Dropshipping has seen an incredible development in India and, no doubt, it benefits the business in every way. As items are dispatched straight to customers, you will experience no issue at all.

How Dropshipping Works

  • Retailer joins the website of the dropshipping company like Indiamart, TradeIndia, Baapstore and so on.
  • Dropshipping organizations give products (in CSV file) to the retailer.
  • Retailer upload items stock on their site.
  • Retailers receive an order of clients and they transfer the customer orders to dropshipping companies.
  • Dropshipping organizations ship requested products to their clients.

This is how the business of dropshipping operates.

Benefits of Dropshipping in India

Dropshipping offers numerous benefits to online retailers. Let’s have a look at these!

  • Eradication of up-front inventory: There’s no need to handle as well as oversee stock which, as a result, can save your much time as well as money.
  • Wider product selection: There’s no need to sell items to the clients, thus you can exhibit different categories of products.
  • No shipping: There’s no need to deal with the shipping and you don’t have to fret regarding packing, labeling as well as tracking items.

There are numerous wholesale companies that you can discover in India. But, as a retailer, you must understand that the majority of them are impotent to address your needs properly.

Here we have jotted down some best wholesale dropshippers on whom you can trust. Eager to know

about them! Let’s get started!

Coorgle Dropshipping(CDS)

Coorgle Dropshipping(CDS) is one of the best India’s automated dropshipping platform. It has numerous types of product classes like accessories, apparels, mobile accessories and much more. It benefits retailers in numerous ways.

The UI, as well as the design of the website, is quite simple that a beginner can easily comprehend what the site actually does.

The best thing is that drop-ship vendors name is not mentioned anywhere on the product packaging. This gives the privilege to retailers to keep sellers name hidden from their clients.


Indiamart, no doubt, is the best company which allow suppliers to connect with retailers. This implies that you won’t have to put your hard efforts so as to find the suppliers who can provide you items as per your choice.

After signing up with the organization, you will get access to numerous suppliers instantly. The items that retailers can discover incorporates fashion, furniture, food, jewelry and so on. In addition to this, it is the topmost Indian drug store dropshippers.


Established in 1996, this company operates as a business to business platform. This company connects retailers to manufacturers. It’s an ideal choice if you are in search of a trustworthy dropshipping supplier in India.

The best thing is that you can discover a huge number of suppliers/providers in order to fulfill your dropshipping requirements. It allows retailers to connect with the correct suppliers.


By its name ExportersIndia, you can assume that it’s a B2B portal which allows Indian providers as well as manufacturers to connect with retailers. This organization had received numerous positive reviews throughout the year because of the support they have given to their retailers. The directory enables retailers to access top brands like ACE, MIRAJ, PARAG and so on.

How to Choose Reliable Dropshippers In India?

There are numerous dropshippers that you can find in India. But the point here is how to choose the reliable one who can fulfill all your requirements. Let’s check out what conditions reliable dropshippers must possess:

  • Have enough stock as well as variety of high-quality items
  • Deliver the package to customers all over the world in a short duration of time (48 hours)
  • Push fresh arrivals of various web-based platforms to retailers.
  • Have overseas warehouses
  • Offer 24 hours client service in various languages
  • Can handle urgent issues
  • Acknowledge mistakes

In order to select a trustworthy dropshipper, take into consideration the below-given conditions:

  • Study what you actually need, doesn’t matter how great and reliable the dropshipper is. If they can’t provide you the essential services on time then there’s no use of choosing them.
  • It's not possible to do everything admirably- select the one who is ready to work well as per your needs and demand.
  • Select more and then compare dropshippers with one another.  

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and it helped you in knowing more about the top wholesale dropshippers in India. It’s an ideal business model particularly for start-ups and small as well as medium eCommerce sites.

Dropshipping business is completely profitable and there’s no risk associated with it. Why? Since retailers won't have to buy the items. As a result, it saves much cost since there’s no need for purchasing products and storing them in warehouses. Dropshipping company takes care of shipping in the best possible way.  


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