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    Top Blockchain Development Companies For Startups

    By Ruchika Aggarwal|14th Jun 2019
    The Blockchain technology promises to bring in a decentralized commercial world that ensures transparency and security. It's not just the enterprises investing in it! There are many blockchain development companies that are building innovative solutions for startups. Some of these firms are:
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    Today, we can see numerous blockchain advantages to businesses in any domain. The success of bitcoin has increased the demand for blockchain development companies today. In fact, a large number of sectors are continuously benefitting from the blockchain technology.

    So, if you are also seeking to grow your business with this technology, then you must look to hire reliable blockchain developers from top blockchain development companies.

    But choosing the right blockchain development company is actually a crucial task for all business owners. This is why I have created a list of top 10 Blockchain development companies on the basis of various parameters like their past experience, online reviews from top sites, client's feedback, etc.

    Check out the list below:


    Founded Year: 2013

    Employee strength: 200+

    Located in: USA, Dubai, India

    Project Cost: N/A

    It is one of the famous blockchain development companies having practical experience in providing speedy & solid solutions to the businesses. Their blockchain developers build easy-to-use, secure and adaptable designs that bring consistent ROI to businesses once the token sold out.

    Moreover, they help you in organizing the initial offer of coins from the stage of the structure to the end. Their group will present you with the specialized and legitimate aptitude for the prosperity of your company. They convey a full scope of ICO's development services, from the conceptualization of the structure of the token and the smart contract to the effective launch of the ICO.

    Services: ICO Development, STO Development, Blockchain Development, Smart Contract Development, Token Development, Pre ICO Launch Services.

    Website: https://www.icoclone.com/

    Contact email: hello@icoclone.com

    Phone: 9500575285

    2) ValueCoders

    Founded In: 2004

    Employee strength: 450+

    Located in: India, USA

    Project Cost: <25$/hr

    Valuecoders was established 14 years ago with an aim to fulfill their client's requirements in the given time frame and make them satisfied. Since their inception, they have earned a good amount of happy customers which is 2500+ along with a 97% customer retention rate. Their mission is to deliver high-quality software development services and maintaining profitability.

    Blockchain development at Valucoders is highly recommended due to their blockchain developers who are proficient in their profession and work on hourly as well as full-time basis. They provide quick deployment of the projects and full support on the ongoing projects.


    Website: https://www.valuecoders.com/

    Contact email: sales@valuecoders.com

    Phone: + 91 7042020782, +1 404 410 2397

    3) Venture Aviator

    Formed Year: 2011

    Employee strength: 10-49

    Located in: India, UK, Ireland, Dubai

    Project Cost: $50/hr

    It is a top-level company to create the blockchain development and is known to evaluate the details of the cryptocurrency for individuals. It is the developers of Android blockchain applications; It creates wide access for the evaluation with fantastic blockchain support for a leading company. On the other hand, business solutions and carried out accordingly, perhaps the right solution for software developers. You are taking the right platform to access the cryptocurrency and the plan for individual business solutions.

    Blockchain development services: Custom altcoin creation, Mining pool development, Web-based wallet creation, Faucet creation for coins

    Coin repair and alterations, Block explorer creation.

    Website: http://ventureaviator.com/

    Contact email: info@ventureaviator.com

    Phone: 2129139746

    4) Minddeft

    Formed Year: 2015

    Employee strength: 50-249

    Located in: India, USA, UK

    Project Cost: $25/hr

    It is the one-stop destination to obtain the perfect Blockchain development solutions to meet your needs. In general, this technology is completely transforming the digital information landscape. The chain of blocks eliminates the reconciliation of transactions, as well as the complexities. Minddeft specializes in developing the best range of solutions that allow you to cover all your needs. By approaching this company, you can get the best blockchain development solutions.

    Services: ICO Solutions, Supply Chain, Smart Contracts, Distributed Ledger, Cryptocurrency & Private Permissioned Blockchain.

    Website: www.minddeft.com

    Contact email: info@minddeft.com

    Phone: 7940192627

    5) Tech Loader

    Formed Year: 2018

    Employee strength: 11 – 50

    Located in: India

    Project Cost: N/A

    The company providing ample opportunities for various businesses needs and known as one of the best blockchain development companies. It has updated the functions and allows the applications to discover a current code for the organizations. This is essential to develop the business according to the requirements and is connected with a smart device. The best blockchain development company is always carried out by the group of experts and carries out more results forever. Then, the Techloader team is here and meets the requirements clearly without any problem.

    Blockchain development services: Supply Chain, Smart Contracts, Hyperledger, Blockchain IOT, POC & Private Blockchain Development, Blockchain Consulting, Cryptocurrency Development & Exchange Software Development.

    Website: https://www.technoloader.com

    Contact email: info@technoloader.com

    Phone: +91-7014607737

    6) Blockobi

    Formed Year: 2017

    Employee strength: 1-10

    Located in: Dubai, UAE

    Project Cost: N/A

    Blockobi provides a unique range of solutions and is known as one of the best blockchain development companies. The dedicated team of Android blockchain application developers uses advanced technology to provide innovative and robust solutions based on the needs of the client. The experts offer Blockchain development solutions with initiative characteristics that are truly functional. On the other hand, experts also maintain the best design.

    Services: Cryptography Technologies, Blockchain solutions for Financial, Health Care, Retail, Manufacturing, Trade & Commerce, Design, ITO, Blockchain Explorers & Consultation & Training.

    Website: http://www.blockobi.com/

    Contact email: N/A

    Phone: N/A

    7) Blockchain App Factory

    Formed Year: N/A

    Employee strength: 51-200

    Located in: Singapore,Malaysia,Australia,India

    Project Cost: N/A

    If you choose this company, you will get end to end blockchain technology solutions to make sure digital information has to be distributed. They are the leaders in the development of Blockchain applications and our services have led more than 50 clients around the world to innovate blockchain networks and solutions for innovations in all industries. Their team of software developers Blockchain is dedicated to providing the best blockchain development solutions to existing companies, new companies, entrepreneurs of the new era and industries where the Blockchain application can be used in several domains.

    Services: Blockchain Consulting, ICO Marketing, Crypto & Wallet Development.

    Website: https://www.blockchainappfactory.com/

    Contact email: N/A

    Phone: 6382665366

    8) Orange Mantra

    Formed Year: 2001

    Employee strength: 50 – 249

    Located in: India

    Project Cost: $25/hr

    Orange Mantra is a leading blockchain development company to focus on business requirements. Their technology specialists help companies adopt this futuristic technology transparently. From technical advice to consultancy, strategic development, implementation, and maintenance of Blockchain, they take care of all aspects of Blockchain adoption. In addition to creating custom Blockchain applications, they allow their customers to seamlessly transition to technology. They extend reliable maintenance services to ensure these applications work well and deliver effective results for your business.

    Blockchain development services: Blockchain Technology Solution & Services, Blockchain Consulting, Blockchain POCs/Pilots, Custom Blockchain Applications, Blockchain Technology Solutions, Integration & Maintenance, and Support.

    Website: https://www.orangemantra.com/s

    Contact email: sales@orangemantra.com

    Phone: +9870289050

    9) Appiness World

    Formed Year: 2012

    Employee strength: 50-249

    Located in: India, UAE, Australia

    Project Cost: N/A

    Appiness is the right choice if you want to develop blockchain solutions for your business. They are building the future with Blockchain now. A revolutionary product that can change the way we see banking transactions. Blockchain product backed by nanotechnology hardware, which can eliminate the threat of counterfeiting as we know it. Yes, they can still be at a PoC level, but we believe that our momentum in the domain of the blockchain is an effort in the right direction, for the future.

    Services: Ico, Ethereum, Hyper Ledger, Multichain & Smart Contract Development, Supply Chain and Inventory, Real Asset Provenance, Government Systems, Healthcare, EduTech, Bio-identification Solutions.

    Website: https://www.appinessworld.com/

    Contact email: info@appinessworld.com

    Phone: 8065691519

    10) Webcom System

    Formed Year: 1998

    Employee strength: 51 – 200

    Located in: India, South Australia

    Project Cost: $25/hr

    You can consider all your budget apps with the help of this top-notch blockchain development company. This is necessary to access with effective results and be able to computerize with new blockchain companies for your needs. Clients from various parties take place in a support rule and are useful for blockchain developers. In addition, the Webcom system is here and supports each customer to choose the right commercial results quickly. This is necessary to operate with blockchain services and is provided expertly. It is a part of the blockchain service that allows them to capture in accordance with the blockchain development.

    Services: Smart Contracts, Private Blockchain, Decentralized Consensus, Trusted computing, Focused on Innovation

    Top notch engineers, Enhanced Security & Quick Transactions.

    Website: https://webcomsystem.net/

    Contact email: info@webcomsystem.net

    Phone: +9216242512

    Final Words

    So far we have seen the list of top 10 blockchain development companies that would surely fill your business requirements. The companies listed above stand uniquely in the crowd and can be considered for your next blockchain development project.

    However, this list is still in editing mode. Your kind feedback are always welcome here. In fact, if you found some companies missing here, then feel free to comment below or you can send messages too with complete company details and description.

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