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Top Software Development Companies to choose in 2020

By Ruchika Aggarwal|14th Aug 2019
Software products outsourced by businesses transform their processes, increase their revenues and save up to 40% of the time and operating costs. However, it is essential to choose the Top software development companies to avail such benefits. With this post, I've detailed just that.
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Software Development Companies
“Software products outsourced by businesses transform their processes, increase their revenues and save up to 40% of the time and operating costs.
In order to actually leverage such benefits, your partner software development companies should consist of a top-level comprehensive team of IT professionals who understand programming languages and software tools."

These are the foremost needs one should consider while choosing a software development companies for a project. While choosing the best company, a manager always lacks in identifying many needs which they didn’t even know existed. 

Honestly, to making a choice of top software development company is really difficult as various IT companies on market meet the most eminent standards of performance like experience, services delivering duration, quality, skilled developers, client retention rate, etc. and most important the diversified set of specializations and advantages. 

So it’s kind of hard to nitpick among them and evaluate their flaws which seem non-existent on the surface.

Therefore, I have made a list of top Software Development Companies for all types of businesses, but most importantly for startups, small businesses and mid-scale enterprises. 

Do note that this list was made out of comprehensive research as per ratings prepared by various analysts.

How I have managed to make this the most trustworthy list? 

  1. Rating of Top Software Development Companies as mentioned by platforms such as Yourstory, Extract, Clutch, GoodFirms, SoftwareFirms, Upcity, ITfirms, and other renowned business observers.
  2. I made contact with some of the top clients of over 100 software development companies listed on the above-mentioned platforms.
  3. Finally, I put my own expertise and experience in the software development industry into practice and cherry-picked the best 12 I could find. Why 12? Well, it was supposed to be a top-10 list, but I couldn’t resist myself mentioning two other software development companies which I felt deserved a place.

The shortlisted firms for Top software development company's review are :

  1. ValueCoders
  2. Intellectsoft
  3. Oxagile
  4. Softserve 
  5. Trigent
  6. Konverge
  7. Kandasoft
  8. Frogslayer 
  9. XB Software
  10. Vironit
  11. ThinkSys
  12. ScienceSoft

I have listed down the companies as per their excellence in the domain like I have listed ValueCoders on top and ScienceSoft in the last. You will get to know why and what makes each software development company different from the other.

1. ValueCoders 

Top clients: ZenQ, EventDo, Dubai Police, Tekion Cloud, Estel,

Founded: 2004 | Employees: 500+

There are a lot of reasons why ValueCoders makes it to the top. The primary reason is its balance of skill, quality, and cost. It charges one of the lowest rates in the industry, at just $15 per hour for skilled developers with an average 3+ years of expertise.

About ValueCoders: This Software Development Company is based in India and has state-of-the-art infrastructural abilities powered with advanced hardware and software. Its agile infrastructure linked with cloud computing and a skilled crop of developers makes it ideal for outsourcing. Being awarded for its work by multiple organizations, they haven't compromised with their values in 14 years since the inception. 

Over the years, ValueCoders has collected numerous projects and has a diverse portfolio that perhaps covers every technology, every language you could imagine in the domain.

The company operates separate labs for technologies such as Application Development, Software Development, Web Development, Research & Development, Designing, Testing and other support departments for Admin, HR, Finance, etc. This advanced infrastructure unit helps deliver only the best-in-class services according to diverse business requirements.

2. Intellectsoft

Top Clients: Guinness, EY, Jaguar, Audi, Harley-Davidson, Universal, Nestle

Founded: 2007 | Employees: 50 - 99

About Intellectsoft: It is specialized in various solutions and services. Being one of the top choices among the numerous reviews, this provider also gained the reputation of the most reliable software development company. This software development company can proudly guarantee its clients the highest emblem of each service and solution designed.

In particular, Intellectsoft managed to turn almost two-thirds of its customers into loyal clients and satisfy almost each of them to the extent of asking for the software assistance again. In this context, the software development company is not afraid of working with complicated tasks in software engineering, intelligent consulting, hi-tech solutions, and IoT and AI development.


Top Clients: Vodafone, Discovery, Cardiff University, Stockmusic.net, etc. 

Founded: 2005 | Employees: 250–499

About Oxagile: Oxagile pays significant attention to online video management, AdTech, eCommerce, and business intelligence. The level of customer satisfaction with Oxagile justifies its accomplishments.

It is truly impressive: 95% of clients left accurate & positive reviews about the services that this company has delivered through them to a billion end users.


Top clients: Atlassian, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, IBM, Panasonic, Coupa

Founded: 1993 | Employees: 1000+

About Softserve: This Software development company has become a constant expert in this competitive market, SoftServe aims at spreading innovation among the businesses. The company has built a team of dedicated developers and the set of software services with the passion to fulfill this goal. 

Its customers receive advanced products and services that approach the main demands of the competitive market.


Top clients: Navistar, Oracle, HP, Clarks, Emerson

Founded: 1995 | Employees: 1000+

About Trigent: Trigent focus or we can say works on transforming products, effectively utilizing SharePoint, automating testing and QA, and optimizing multiple enterprise operations. With the help of their previous projects and expert opinions this company to manage to be in a list of Top 10 Software development company 

The Company is mainly focused on cloud technology. It offers various solutions to optimize the operation of the cloud, from the installation process to fixing various support issues.


Top clients: McDonald’s, KPMG, Sanofi, Bosch, Invesco, Sandwik, Toronto Public Health

Founded: 1994 | Employees: 10–49

About Konverge: It is a Canadian leader in the software development industries with over 20 years of experience. Despite being a relatively not-so-established firm, this software development company delivers diversified and quality solutions on the local market. To achieve the goal, the company maintains various technological competencies, including Microsoft technologies, content management systems, and multimedia tool, etc. 

7. Kandasoft

Top Clients: SLR Lounge, EatWhatever, FanAngel, Green is Universal, Legitmo App

Founded: 2013 | Employees: 2-10

About KandaSoft: Kanda is a software development company focused on building solutions for tech startups and midsize businesses. Besides creating MVPs for new business ideas, the company claims expertise in building easily deployable, scalable, modern RESTful, single-page, responsive web applications which require moderate-low maintenance.

8. Frogslayer

Top Clients: BestBuy, Wrigley, Texas&M University, Microsoft, TEES

Founded: 2005 | Employees: 50- 249

About Frogslayer: Frogslayer is a software development company that provides tools to budding companies to help them accelerate growth and become leaders in their respective industries. Since 2011, the Frogslayer team has helped over 60 companies achieve the same. The company boasts of making commercial buildings smarter, oil rigs safer, financial crime harder, education more accessible, healthcare more efficient, and much more through its innovative applications and solutions. 

The clients of Frogslayer have generated over $350 Million in ROI- at an average of 23x payback within a span of 2 years or lower, as claimed by the company.

9. XB Software

Top Clients/Partners: Tokbox, Forty-Seven, Nexmo

Founded: 2008 | Employees: 50- 249

About XB Software: XB Software is a full-cycle software development company which offers custom, BI Solutions as well as develops and sells few of its own products. The company has a strong and dedicated team of IT professionals engaged in web apps development, development services with Webix JavaScript UI Library, Development services with DHTMLX JavaScript UI Library, Hybrid, cross-platform mobile app development among other related services.

10. VironIT

Top Clients: Turkcell, IntelliShopper, AnatomyNext, WaveOrtho

Founded: 2004 | Employees: 10- 49

About VironIT: Viron IT is a Belarus-based software development company which offers software services to both businesses and government agencies. The company has successfully completed over 1537 projects for over 4,000 customers to date. Asie from offering high-quality services using state-of-the-art development technologies and methodologies, VironIT also owns a trio of software products, which include Scandy (Online auction software), Sofscript (software marketplace), and TimeSummary (time-tracking software).

11. ThinkSys

Top Clients: Shutterstock, Corbis, Just Pharma

Founded: 2014 | Employees: 150+

About ThinkSys: ThinkSys is a boutique, e-Commerce, web & mobile software development company, with its headquarters in the USA. They specialize in delivering end-to-end software development and testing services. The company began with a team of 70-75 QA experts, but with growth, the team expanded to a current headcount of over 150+ skilled individuals working towards the above-mentioned services.

12. ScienceSoft

Top Clients: Viber, eBay, Nestle, T-Mobile, Walmart, Heinz

Founded: 1989 | Employees: 250-500

About ScienceSoft: ScienceSoft is perhaps the largest and the most experienced company in this list of top software development firms. However, it is placed in the last position only because of its pricing, which is something I feel could only be affordable to large-scale enterprises. ScienceSoft makes itself stand out from the competition through its 4 core pillars, which include Acknowledged quality, All-encompassing competence, Reliability, and 100% project delivery.

Which software development company will you choose for your Next Project?

So this was the list of the top 12 software development companies I prepared on the basis of above-mentioned parameters and by my own experience in the industry. For all those hunting for the perfect business partner for their software development idea, I’d say their search would end if they choose anyone among them. 

But in the end, what actually matters is how good you’re at in conveying your idea and how you and your partner coordinate to build the ultimate software solutions that deliver a sustained competitive advantage.

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