Top 10 Ethereum Development Companies for Startups & SME's

Top 10 Ethereum Development Companies for startups & SME's

22nd Jul 2019
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Top Ethereum Development Companies

Ethereum blockchain development can benefit your business in many ways. DApps development on ethereum blockchain network ensures permanency, transparency & full security to all digital business transactions. Hence, you can leverage various benefits from ethereum blockchain development if your business is scalable and can grow your reach exponentially.

But finding reliable Ethereum blockchain app development companies could a daunting task for business owners as this involves a deep research on the selected companies. It ultimately requires both your manual efforts as well as your time.

Keeping this in my mind, I have selected some ethereum blockchain development companies after considering many parameters that cater to the development needs of businesses. Services, years of experience in the development domain, employees strength, reviews from the clients etc. are some of the serious factors taken into consideration while making this list.

Moreover, Clutch and goodfirms reviews are also taken while shortlisting these ethereum blockchain development companies.

Checkout below the comprehensive list of top ethereum blockchain development companies:-

1) ValueCoders


Employees(In digits): 250+

Located In: India

ValueCoders has acquired the prestige in the provision of exceptional Blockchain development Services, the creation of high quality scalable distributed applications and the guarantee of the security of large companies and the infrastructure of new companies.

As a Blockchain offshore development company, they provide blockchain consultants and desired solutions that are tailored to specific business needs with an optimized process.

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They create highly secure and fully customized blockchain applications that meet the unique requirements of your business. Their ethereum development services include blockchain wallet applications, smart contracts, distributed applications (dApp), cryptocurrency applications (bitcoin) and more.


Clients: Capgemini, Affle, Novea, Candor, Grundfos, Reaqua, Selectspecs

Blockchain Services: Smart contract development, Ethereum development, Hyperledger development, Solidity development, Cryptocurrency development

2) Consensus

Employees(In digits): 1-10

Located In: UK, AUS

It is a global blockchain technology company that develops infrastructure, applications and practices that allow a decentralized world with offices in the main cities of the United States, such as Washington DC, San Francisco, based in New York and additional offices in Worldwide - Canada (Toronto), United Kingdom (London, Dublin) France (Paris), Australia (Sydney) and Singapore.

Since its inception in 2014, ConsenSys brought together more than 300 Blockchain enthusiasts around the world to conceive and deliver the ultimate excellence and experience for entrepreneurs and Forbes Global 2000, as well as for nonprofit organizations and global governments.

They are building an Internet of more open, reliable and accessible value, known as Web 3.0. We produce blockchain infrastructure, development tools, main applications and decentralized platforms to strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem.


Clients: Procter & Gamble, i2i, Smart Dubai, komgo, Union Bank, GitCoin

Blockchain Services: Blockchain Use Case Development, Blockchain Venture Development, Blockchain Technology Development, Blockchain Token Development

3) Solulab

Employees(In digits): 1-10

Located In: US, NewYOrk

SoluLab Inc. is a market leader in Enterprise Web, Mobile Apps and Blockchain, founded in 2013 in Ahmedabad, India, and with an office in the USA. UU In Jersey City, NJ, with more than 80 skilled employees and counting.

It is the best business blockchain development and consulting company in the US. UU., Canada, Ukraine, India with a group of internal blockchain enthusiasts.

If you want to start your own blockchain project or implement a blockchain solution to improve an existing product, you are in the right place, regardless of the industry you serve. They can help you create a secure identity for YOUR BUSINESS with intricate and reliable blockchain technology solutions.

It provides all the 360 services that cover the offer of Blockchain solutions for companies, new companies and entrepreneurs, regardless of the preferences of their sector.


Clients: Citrix, Walt Disney, Versafit, Clicktool

Blockchain Services: HyperLedger Development , Blockchain Development , ICO, STO, Exchange and Wallet Development, Smart Contacts Development

4) Venture Aviator

Employees(In digits): 1-10

Located In: LA, NewYork, San Francisco

Venture Aviator is an innovative IT services and business strategy consulting firm that focuses on new technology companies and high growth companies. They significantly increase the efficiency and profitability of their customers by enabling them to take full advantage of high-end, cost-effective global IT teams in a much earlier growth stage than has traditionally been possible.

They are the blockchain expert developer that is ready to help you use this technology in the way that is most effective for your specific needs. Since being at the forefront of blockchain technology trends is a priority in Venture Aviator, you can take advantage of your blockchain programming experience to implement this technology in a way that makes sense to you and your organization.


Clients: Disney, Pfizer, Dannon, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco, Bank of America, Rentberry

Blockchain Services: Cryptocurrency and ICO Development, Smart Contract Development , Ethereum and Solidity Development, Bitcoin Exchange Website Development , BCDC Online

5) OpenLedger

Employees(In digits): 51-100

Located In: Denmark

OpenLedger is a Blockchain development company, with less than 100 members, founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Being one of the main cryptocurrency traders today. Its team of experienced developers, business and marketing experts, as well as legal and support staff, creates, tests and markets custom blockchain solutions and ready-to-use products.

It offers blockchain services and customized blockchain development that drives real business transformations. Create new business tools based on revolutionary decentralized networks that will change your industry forever. You can build your dream in your services and blockchain consultancy or create your own network and manage your business in a fully distributed and secure way.


Clients: Crypviser, Software Dev Company, genEOS, Tea Exchange Platform, Pipe Trading Platform

Blockchain Services: Hyperledger Development Services, Custom Blockchain Development, Blockchain Education for Enterprises, Graphene and BitShares Development

6) BR Softech

Employees(In digits): 40-50

Located In: US, Canada, China, Australia, Philippines

With almost 10 years of experience in the development of Mobile, Web and Blockchain, as well as in the advancement of Gaming Technology, BR Softech's expert workforce of more than 200 specialists offers a seamless and seamless experience in the development of modern software.

They offer several blockchain application development services that include the development of blockchain, the maintenance of blockchain, the development of intelligent contracts, the development of cryptocurrency wallets, the development of exchanges, etc. to get the result of the best blockchain development solution.

They have a combination of dedicated blockchain developers and professional designers to develop a unique and secure platform to meet the demands of their clients. They offer a secure payment gateway service too. Your solution will provide you with records of safe and easy transactions, and it is a combination of artificial intelligence, data analysis, IoT and web security.


Clients: EuroWeb, Hauke, Indiabulls, HLC, Al Burkhan, Bank of Baroda, ePsyClinic

Blockchain Services: ICO Development, Blockchain Development, Exchange and Wallet Development, Cryptocurrency Development

7) Espeo Software

Employees(In digits): 50-60

Located In: US, Europe

Established in 2008 in Helsinki, Finland, Espeo Software is a full-cycle Agile Development House with representatives in the Americas, European countries and the Middle East, which accumulate more than 200 senior specialists worldwide.

With its 11 years of experience without being limited to any particular technology, this Blockchain company is recognized and well versed in practically everything, which gives way to the Blockchain scene.

They produce results quickly and efficiently, but we never compromise quality. With the blockchain senior developers, the evaluators and the experienced project management on board, you are obliged to take full advantage of this technology that generates profits.


Clients: Maker DAO, Luxify, Gabro, CloseCross, CurrentCoin, Decom, Soma, Trippmatch

Blockchain Services: Full STO and ICO Development, Blockchain Development, Consulting and Training, dApp Development, Smart Contracts Development and Audit

8) HOC Solutions

Employees(In digits): 25-30

Located In: US

Home of Crypto is an award-winning, relatively young blockchain development company that aims to provide secure distributed blockchain and 360-degree cryptocurrency and ICO solutions for industries such as finance, logistics, retail and micro-content delivery. The company guaranteed the complete brand and personalization of the cryptographic currencies and digital wallets for the companies of the clients.

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It is a team of blockchain developers that works at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and that implements state-of-the-art solutions for the decentralized web that quickly emerges. From smart contracts to the most versatile encryption currencies to highly effective ICO marketing campaigns, they can provide everything.


Clients: Luxury Ledger, IronX, Cryptoblockcon, ServAdvisor

Blockchain Services: Custom blockchain development, Deployment and maintenance, Altcoins and wallets, Compliance with GDPR guidelines and SOX

9) Oodles Technologies

Employees(In digits): 25-30

Located In: USA, UK, India, Singapore, Australia

Oodles Technologies, founded in 2009, is an offshore software and blockchain development company native to India, with a focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, ERP and Big Data. With a team of more than 200 highly trained developers and now with a decade of experience, Oodles offers end-to-end Blockchain capabilities development capabilities.

With Oodles Blockchain, they allow you to take advantage of blockchain and adjacent technologies, such as shared ledger and distributed ledger, smart contracts, decentralized applications and more to meet the specific needs of your industry and business for the present and the future.

With its rich experience in the industry, they help you navigate through the processes of adoption, integration and implementation of blockchain networks.


Clients: MXC, Belfrics, Belrium, BITEXpay, CoinZoom, Paritex, Subaj

Blockchain Services: Blockchain Development Services, dApp Development Services, Cryptocurrency Development Services, Smart Contract Development Services

10) Waverley Software

Employees(In digits): 50-60

Located In: Ukraine, Vietnam

Waverley operates throughout the world from the USA. UU., As well as in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia with a team of 80 talented people, 73% of which is managerial staff.

They are a blockchain development company that helps organizations of all industries take advantage of blockchain technology. Discuss the idea of your project with your developers and blockchain consultants, who have practical experience in building solutions on this emerging technology.

With 80% of its partnerships with clients lasting more than a year and 90% likely to have worked and perfected the technology, compared to other Blockchain companies, Waverley offers end-to-end block chain services.


Clients: CBOE, AppliedBlockchain, Speechpad, Backpack Health

Blockchain Services: Smart Contracts, Data Analytics, Blockchain Networks, Blockchain app development

Concluding Note:

With a wide variety of options available, choosing one of the leading ethereum blockchain development companies should not be a problem. Now that I have provided a list of the main ethereum blockchain development companies for Startups & SMEs. And, finding the one that best suits your requirements should not be a problem anymore.

The main things you should focus on are the experience and budget areas of the organization with which you want to partner. Not all organizations in the market will meet your expectations; therefore, you must be careful when deciding the technology partner. After all, it has to be worth every penny you plan to spend.

Frankly speaking, if you know exactly what you need, the selection of the ethereum blockchain application development company will not be a problem at all.

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