Top Must Have Features In Your On-Demand Taxi Booking App

If you are planning to build an on-demand taxi booking app like uber or thinking of upgrading your existing uber like taxi app, keep reading.

4th Apr 2019
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If you are planning to build an on-demand taxi booking app like uber or thinking of upgrading your existing uber like taxi app, keep reading.

It is a real struggle to survive among the top industry giants like Grab, Lyft, and Gett. But maybe you don’t just have to struggle but thrive with a new upgraded business approach. Stephen Hawking once said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

The big guys in the business are changing their app and business approach all the time. That is the sole reason why Uber is still the number 1 taxi app service in the world.

What has Uber achieved?

Uber changed how people used to travel in taxis. No need to even lift a hand to call the taxi, just lift your finger and tap a couple of times on the Uber taxi app. This simple but powerful online taxi app business model has been thriving for a decade.

  • Uber’s current valuation in 2019 Q1 is $120 billion.
  • Uber reach is in over 83 countries and 858 cities worldwide.
  • It has 3 million drivers serving more than 75 million passengers around the globe.
  • Uber does an average of 15 million trips each day globally.
  • In the first year of introducing the tip feature, Uber drivers made a total of $600 million just in tips.

How Can Your Business Succeed Just Like Uber?

There are two approaches to Uber-like taxi app development. Either you can build your app from scratch or go for the cost-effective and quick Uber clone app development.

on-demand taxi booking appThe App from Scratch option is good, but the drawbacks are that it is very time consuming and costly process. By the time the clone script app is ready to launch, the scratch one would just be finalized for design (25% of the total project).

The choice of going with the build from scratch approach or Uber clone app is a personal choice of the entrepreneur. If your app isn’t dabbling into very technical aspects (for instance the on-demand taxi booking app), then clone is the best choice for any small or large business model.

Basic Features To Have In Your On-Demand Taxi Booking App

Passenger App Features

  • Register & Login Panel
  • Ride Tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Wallets
  • Payment Options
  • Fare Estimation

Driver App Features:

  • Driver Profile
  • Driver Availability
  • Booking Information
  • Push Notifications
  • Cost Estimation
  • Navigation

Admin Panel Features:

  • Create Sub Admins
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Control Various Profiles
  • Manage Payment Accounts

Must Have Features in Your On-Demand Taxi Booking App

For Drivers

In-App Metering:

The driver and passenger will get an in-app meter that will show the exact fare at the end of the ride according to the distance traveled using the GPS signal of the vehicle. This way the drivers can’t tamper with the taxi meter to increase the fare.

Driver Switch For Availability:

The driver can turn a virtual switch on or off in the app that will show his/her availability for the ride. This way if the driver is bust with some other work or needs a break, they just have to turn off the switch and passengers will not be shown their car.

For Passengers:

In-App Adress Book: Personal Address Book In The App:

It is a hectic task to feed in complete address every time that you book a cab. With this feature, the passengers can save their frequently traveled address so that they just have to select from their personal address book.

24x7 service support:

The passengers can access customer support service via messaging or call and get answers to their query at any time.

For Admins:

God’s Eye View:

With this unique feature, the admin can look over every aspect of their business from driver/passenger registration to the payment process. Just like the name suggests, this feature lets you overlook the work of various stakeholders.

Instant Chat Support with App Developers:

The admin will get a 24x7 chat support for any query with the app or admin panel. The app developers will be at your service at a moment’s notice.

Final Word

People love on-demand taxi booking apps, and if you provide trending features that make their lives easier, they’ll reward you with customer loyalty. But to get such a loving response from your users, you need to provide such an amazing mobile taxi app, that too ASAP.

Uber clone app development is the perfect solution if you want the best mobile app at an affordable price with a quick app-to-market timeline. Get the best taxi app clone development company and launch your on-demand taxi startup.

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