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Top 3 Popular Smartphone Apps to Track COVID 19

Top 3 Popular Smartphone Apps to Track COVID 19

Monday June 01, 2020,

4 min Read

Apps to Track COVID 19

COVID 19 virus has created fear in the minds of many people and has affected the lifestyle of everyone. Not only people, businesses are also going in loss due to this affected virus. During this time, Smartphone apps, no doubt, are playing major role. Wondering how? There are many apps that you can download in your phone for tracking infected people. Millions of people from all over the world are downloading apps that can track COVID 19. 

Some people feel that these apps are useless however this is not true! Government authorities are also asking everyone to download Smartphone apps that are specifically designed for checking Covid-19. 

Thanks to Smartphones! Without them, it’s not possible to track the virus. The best thing about the apps is that you will be able to check who has infected nearby your area and can inform health care staffs. This way you can control the infection to a great extent. There are many apps available on Google Play Store but not all of them can give you best outcomes and correct information. 

This guide highlights top 3 popular smartphone apps that people are downloading to track COVID 19. Let’s have a look at them!

India Dashboard
  • India Dashboard

India Dashboard is one of the first apps that comes in mind when we talk about COVID 19 tracking apps and is currently available on Google Store. This app helps users to track number. 

It can be operated easily and also has a user-friendly interface. All latest information regarding the COVID 19 users can easily get by downloading it. The app shows how many total cases are there in India and how many people have recovered and number of deaths due to Coronavirus. 

The best thing about this app is that you can check cases, recovery and number of deaths state-wise and country-wise. The information is updated every time so users will get the exact figure of daily cases. Even, it has map view feature too through which you can see the areas that are affected with this virus. 

Aarogya Setu
  • Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu launched on 2 April, 2020 by Government of India. It’s an app that can track infected people and it’s downloaded by millions of users. Day by day people are using this app on their Smartphones since no one wants to take the risk during this time. 

This app is developed to alert people if they by mistake have come across with the people who have been detected positive. Now, how it’s done? Tracking is simply done through Bluetooth as well as location generated graph. The users have to open their Bluetooth as well as GPS every time for effective tracking. 

Also, this app has function of self-testing. People need to answer few questions and on the off chance if responses show coronavirus symptoms then that information is automatically sent to Government. In addition to this, app provides instructions of self-quarantine too. 

Test Yourself Goa
  • Test Yourself Goa

This app is also the topmost app people can use and users can download it from Google Play. Through this app, people can self-diagnose symptoms of COVID 19. It was first computerized self-evaluation assessment for tracking virus. 

The user has to enter basic information after downloading the app like name, mobile number, residency status, zip code etc. Just similar to other applications, you need to answer few questions and it will alert the users if they have coronavirus symptoms or not. 

In addition to this, it gives guidance on ways to self-quarantine, utilization of masks, social distancing and so on. Test Yourself Goa app provides numbers, health centers as well as doctors list. 

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about the top 3 popular smartphones to track COVID 19. We all are facing difficulties in our day to day lives due to this virus and till now no treatment is there to treat it. 

By downloading these apps, we all can track people who are suffering from this virus or have symptoms of it. This way, we can control the spread of it and can save the people from coming in contact with this deadly Coronavirus.