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What are the Essential SEO Tools to Use in 2019?

It is important to note that SEO is not only about the better ranking, but it is also about getting the right kind of traffic on the website. Use Google Correlate for creating a base for potential customers.

What are the Essential SEO Tools to Use in 2019?

Thursday July 18, 2019,

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Everyone knows that in this digital era, having an excellent SEO strategy is necessary. However, due to the changing parameters of Google and other search engines, experts are still not able to create a perfect way to dominate different search engines. One has to experiment with proper knowledge and tactics to bring a good result. Search engine marketing becomes harder and harder, especially for those who do not make sufficient efforts in keeping up with the changing trends. As we are halfway through 2019, we should know by now what can work to get better rankings on Google as per the new trends. It is also important to note that SEO is not only about the better ranking, but it is also about getting the right kind of traffic on the website.

Use Google Correlate for creating a base for potential customers:

 Google Correlate

It is better to attract customers before they are ready to purchase. Building brand awareness through better ranking is the key, and to achieve success with it, one has to work on buyer intent keywords. These are the keywords that when searched, give you a sale right away. And these expensive keywords should not be exclusive to your Search Engine Optimization strategy, but also from the standpoint of Pay Per Click. You have to be patient with these keywords, no matter how long they take to rank.

At the same time, you have to deal with the keywords that have similar search patterns and these keywords are not as lucrative, and they are more information related, where buyers research before they finally click to purchase.

To deal with uncompetitive keywords, you should use Google Correlate. Google Correlate shows you all the terms that people search on Google. These terms have the same kind of search pattern as the buyer intent keyword.

You can consider Google Correlate as Google Trends in reverse. Google Trends shows you how well the term you have entered has performed, and with Google Correlate, you get a list of queries that with a similar pattern of your primary keyword.

The key to generating sales is to create in-depth content for this most searched queries. It will appeal to a similar audience. You might not get the desired result, which is to sale more with some of the keywords, but if the content is related to the main subject, many of the readers will come back within days or weeks to make the purchase. If you don't want to create new content, then creating landing pages will also work to target these new keywords.

Emphasis on Brand with Google Trends:

Google Trends

If you have a strong brand, you have excellent chances to rank faster on Google. If you want to succeed on Google, you should focus on developing the brand. When the brand grows, the traffic also grows. The best way to monitor your brand's growth is Google Trends. Compare your brand with your competitors in Google Trends and see how you are performing. To build your brand, you have to take firm and steady steps, and there is no quick solution for it, both personal and corporate brands.

You can find suggestions like writing blogs, arrange conferences, run ads, and so forth. These are good things to start with, but the fact is that everyone is doing it. There need to be lots of characteristics you need to develop, and one of them is being bold. If you want to build a brand like Apple or Nike, you should not be afraid of trying new things.

Here how your approach should be:

Offer genuine help:

Participating in the social web is one thing, but it is vital that you take time to respond to the queries of your community. Whether you are using YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you should spend time and return to the comments you receive on your posts. It builds connections with the users and in the long run, helps in developing your brand's reputation.

Write quality content in quantity:

Your content should be helpful to the readers whether you are offering information or knowledge. Your brand can benefit from your content only when they can enrich the readers. And you should produce these contents in sufficient quantity so the readers won't have to look elsewhere for more information on similar topics. The same goes for creating video content. Create meaningful videos that help people to find a solution or at least entertain them the way they want to be entertained.


An SEO company should know which tool can give them better result as per the current trend. In 2019, Google Correlate and Google Trends are some of the best tools for getting the desired success in ranking and also in driving more traffic. 

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