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What are the ideal features and cost of food recipe mobile app?

What are the ideal features and cost of food recipe mobile app?

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

5 min Read

Food Recipe Mobile App Features and Cost
Food Recipe Mobile App Features and Cost

Food is the basic necessity to leave no matter who you are you should at least have some basic knowledge how to cock it. Generally people leaving alone and with very little knowledge about preparing food find it difficult to stay and ends up eating outside. All thank to advancement of mobile technologies now one can simply learn and cook from the Food Recipe Mobile App.

So If you are planning to develop an Food & Recipe Mobile App it’s a great opportunity as these kinds of application are in demand right know with respect to increase in people awareness that they can easily learn and cook through their smart-phone application itself. To develop an app like that you need to take many things into consideration, so let me take this opportunity to guide you to develop your own mobile application.

Features of Food & Recipe Application

Let’s begin with exploring the features of the application. Features are the most important part of your application developing an app with unique features can help you cater more business and rank among top among your competitor.

1. Registration:

Users first look about your application is the registration process and as said first impression is the last impression it is important to create an easy and smooth registration process for the user to login to your application. To give your user more easiness you can integrate social logins to allow your user to login just with social pages.

2. Profile Generation: It is a process where users provide some basic information about themselves. This information relates to their contact info and their preferences so that the app can customize their offer suggestion relating to them. 

3. Dish Information: This feature includes providing complete details about the dishes like- nutrition’s information, recipe, Calories-per-serving, tips etc. These all information could be very vital for the users specially for health conscious people.

4. Recipes Management:

Recipes would be the heart of your application, it is important to provide features like filter recipes, customize your own recipes options to allow your user to take advantage of the app easily. Filter recipe would navigate user to what they are looking for.

5. Video-Tutorial:

It allows your user to see and learn. This feature could easily boost up your application user. You can provide a video tutorial for each of the recipe to help your user to learn cooking food quickly and easily. It also assist you while cooking as they offer step-by-step guidance.

6. Customized Plan Meal:

Using this feature your user can plan their meal as per their diet. Once the user give all the necessary information, aim( reduce, gain) and budget, the app can provide them a customized plan replicating all the information provided.

Many other features like customized subscription plan, user-ratting, Social media integration and sharing etc could help to develop your own customized and unique Food Recipe Mobile Application.

Potential Customer of your Application:

  • Teenagers living alone
  • Medical Patients
  • Fitness lovers
  • Users found of eating outside

Each user has its own kind of taste and preferences, students generally like simple and easy to cook food, while people like gym lover or athletics like to eat healthy and high nutrition food. 

Cost of Developing

With all these features there is a cost attach to it. To develop an application like food recipe it would cost you around $7000+ depending upon various factors your cost could vary. Factors like Design of the application, features, size and the platform of the application are the important aspects of the cost of development of an application. As you go on adding more and more features the price is going to be higher and more the complex design higher the price. App Platforms also impacts the prices of the application, developing an iOS application are considered to more costly than Android. 

Developing cost also differs from the developers, different developer would provide you different price. It is important to choose a quality developing company, which has all the requisite skills and experience require to develop an application. The company must posses

1.    Project Analyst and manager

2.    Front-end and Back-end Developer

3.    Quality UI/UX Designer

4.    Quality Assure

5.    SEO team

Company with all the features could be your go-to developer, to give your user easy-to-use and bugs free application.


With the increase and change in eating habits of people app like food recipe would be quite helpful. I hope i was successful in providing all the key information of the app development. Now that you have a concept and all the information with you it is important to develop an application which is unique and user-friendly to stand out of crowd. While Developing your focus should be on quality over price and once you have developed your application It is important to promote and run a successful marketing campaign to increase your app visibility and users.