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What Are The Top 10 Mobile App Developers In India

What Are The Top 10 Mobile App Developers In India

Thursday August 01, 2019,

6 min Read

Top 10 Mobile App Developers In India

Mobile app development have become a prospective business owing to its increasing popularity across the globe. Applications for mobile phones facilitate the users in experiencing multiple services ranging from healthcare to entertainment. Now a days, mobile phones have become smart devices owing to the interactive features of apps installed in them. Now just by clicking on those apps you can avail your preferred services from anywhere in the world.

In today’s world of globalization, businesses have become more competitive than before. Each and every business whether its a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, is trying its level best to gain competitive advantage. Using mobile apps businesses can easily create its mark digitally to establish a strong online presence.

In this article, we will throw light on top 10 app development companies in India along with their credentials. You can select any one of them according to your requirements. Each of the below mentioned company are unique in its abilities to create engaging and distinctive apps which can serve multiple businesses standout amidst fierce competition.

Following is the list of top 10 mobile app developers in India:

Hidden Brains Infotech: This is one of the top mobile app developers in India. Located in Ahmedabad, Hidden Brains cares for your custom based solutions with utmost security, high quality integration, quality assurance and development. Since its inception in 2003, this organization has been successful in enabling start-ups, mid sized companies and Fortune 500 ones create a positive impression in the minds of the existing and prospective customers. With employee strength ranging between 100 to 250 this company deals with diverse services such as-Ecommerce development, Mobile and web apps, Chatbot development, Bigdata services etc.

MacAppStudio: This is another prominent mobile app development company with base in Chennai. This company is well known for its innovative services with respect to Windows and Apple devices. It came into existence in 2012. Within such a short time span, MacAppStudio has made an entry into this prestigious list. With employees ranging between 50 to 200 the forte of this company lies in offering cross platform solutions, windows app development, Mac app development, web and mobile apps.

SourceBits: This is also another established Indian name in the domain of mobile app development. This company is actively involved in dealing with development, deployment and design of various projects to meet the clients’ requirements from all over the world. Apart from Bangalore in India, SourceBits is also present in San Francisco in the US.

With total number of employees between 100 to 250, is specialized in both web and mobile app development.

IndiaNIC Infotech: This is one of the popular mobile app developers in the Indian market. Situated in Ahmedabad, this company came onto being in the year 1998. It incorporates the trending technologies to offer exclusive and distinctive mobile and web based solutions to its clients throughout the world.

IndiaNIC Infotech comprises of expert developers and designers who work as a team in accomplishing complex projects with utmost efficiency and accuracy. In this way it helps in retaining clients by making them satisfied and loyal. With highly skilled and dedicated employees numbering between 100 to 250 it is successfully serving the growing demands of mobile and website app development.

Appinventiv: This is a highly reputed mobile app development company in the Indian circuit. Appinventiv is highly capable in offering services for mobility solutions, Android, iOS, and Windows app development, cross platform solutions with respect to both start-ups and recognized brands. It started out in 2014 and since then has delivered more than 300 diverse projects. Apart from India it is also present in the US.

Some of its prominent services are-Chatbot development, Android and iOS app development, AI app development.

Smarther: This popular app development enterprise is based in Chennai. Founded in 2011 Smarther is highly proficient in providing quality services for website and mobile apps. While working in more than 200 projects it has served diverse business verticals such as real estate, healthcare, finance, ecommerce and lots more.

This company has an employee strength between 10 to 50. Since its inception it has worked consistently in this domain with utmost dedication and integrity to provide exclusive services related to website and mobile app development and digital marketing.

Fusion Informatics: This is an established mobile app development company with presence in India, US and UAE. It leverages the latest technologies in providing personalised services to its clients spread across the globe. Founded in the year 2000, Fusion Informatics has worked in more than 1000 projects with proposed accuracy and efficiency. It comprises of skilled employees numbering between 150 to 200. It has been successful in accepting challenges and delivering unique services to create its trust among its existing and potential customers.

Its main areas fo expertise include-Artificial Intelligence services, Blockchain development and iOS and Android app development.

Konstant Infosolutions: Located in Jaipur, Konstant Infosolutiuons is a trusted name in this domain. It is highly proficient in providing mobile app development services with respect to Windows, iOS, Android and many other similar platforms. It makes use of latest and trending technologies like PhoneGap, Xamarin and Sencha in making the services more engaging and interactive for its users.

Its main areas of expertise are: Web and mobile app development, Wearable apps, IoT app development.

Hyperlink Infosystem: This is another Indian company located in Ahmedabad. With more than 7 years in the industry, Hyperlink Infosystem is equally proficient in Virtual and Augmented Reality app development apart from iOS, Android and others. It’s core services are-Web and Ecommerce development, Mobile gaming, Strategy consulting and ERP consulting.

Red Apple Technologies: Founded by Mr. Arup Roy in 2010, Red Apple Technologies started its career as a game development company. Since then it aims for creating mobile application to facilitate businesses and individuals fulfill their aspirations using mobile devices. Within a span of more than 9 years it has established its presence in US, Sweden and India. This company has skilled resources who are capable in delivering customized services to all types of business organizations.

Serves offered by Red Apple Technologies include: Mobile app development, IoT app development services, AR and VR, Art and Designs and Digital Marketing.

Conclusion: From the above mentioned information you can now have a clear idea about the top 10 app development companies in India along with their contributions. So, if you wish to come up with any desired applications to influence your business, you are free to consult any one of them.