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Why Google AdWords is Important for Advertisement

Why Google AdWords is Important for Advertisement

Friday June 21, 2019,

4 min Read

There are many things involve in making of an online Marketing campaign successful. Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Pay per click, Content marketing, Website user-friendly and responsiveness all work together to put a campaign on the right track.

In this case, we are going to take a look at how Google AdWords can put your business in the center of attraction.

AdWords campaigns are a good way to generate leads and increase engagements in B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business to business) in all depends on how to make a mix google AdWords with your other marketing efforts.

What is Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a paid advertisement method in which you advertise online about your business. It is an effective yet simple method which uses text and images to creatively create an ad for people in your business. In AdWords, you choose certain keywords and target your audience on gender, location, area, age, etc. When a user search for a certain term on the search engine in those terms matches with your ads it will appear on top of their search engine results.

Why did you need to add PPC method to your Marketing Campaign?

1. Effectiveness

When people think of Google AdWords they only think about it as a paid method but they forgot its speed and Effectiveness. Every technique available in Digital Marketing no one provide results as fast as AdWords does. It is possible to pay your way to the top of the search engine but it is a short term method which provides you boost for a short time.

It doesn’t mean you keep using it will drain your budget quickly that why you need to rely on another SEO method to boost your site on the top of search engines.

2. Is Google pushing ads over organic results

The answer is yes and people get confused over this but the answer is simple if you think as google point of view. What Google is doing is helping business who helps google to put in simple term if there are to people who ask for your favor and one of them is paying you for it. Now you will help both but you will put an extra effort for the guy who is paying you that what Google is doing currently.

Maybe on year there are few ads on top of Google and most of them appear but on sides on the page but now 4 ads show on a page and if maps appear then it will drag your results down even further. Not only google using search results for text but also showing ads on shopping and image results to.

It doesn’t mean you need to worry about your organic results it just means AdWords help you get to the top of audience search results while you build your natural ranking. You need to pay attention to other methods to many people past the paid ads because they believe in organic results over paid.

3. Create your own Plan

Many people don’t use Google AdWords because it is too costly or it is like cheating the system but the basic point they don’t get that it a just another method you can use to boost your traffic. You need to find a plan/strategy that will help you get maximum traffic on your site with the highest engagements rate and it includes Google AdWords. Just like any other method where you put your hardwork so that your site rank on top of search engine. You need to find a balance with your budget where you can use most to increase your business reach and growth.

4. Increase your reach

In Google AdWords, you can set pretty much everything according to your need you can add range to set an of variables, keywords to what time and locations it will appear on. You can also add extensions where you can choose what would be displayed in your ad it includes product image or contact information whatever you prefer.

There is one tool you can use that is remarketing which you can use on the people who visit your site before this will help you keep in touch with the people who visit your site but stop midway. There a heavy chance that when they see you add a few days they will change their mind.