Why you should hire Dedicated development team? Reasons Here!

Why you should hire Dedicated development team for Outsourcing software development

25th May 2019
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So you have decided to begin work on your next big software development or web development project, you may be planning whether to leverage IT staff augmentation to fill skill gaps, or outsource services and hire programmers, whatever it may be. Your ambitions are fueled by high expectations that everything will go your way. But if only things were that easy!

With the pace at which modern computer software & hardware technology is progressing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire development team to work on emerging technologies.

So what will you do if you find yourself with a shortage of developers for software or web development? One of the most widely considered solutions for this concern is the Dedicated development team model.

What is a dedicated development team model?

In essence, a software development team is an IT Outsourcing model wherein a client company authorizes the vendor outsourcing software development company to hire a dedicated development team to work for the former’s software/web development project.

The IT outsourcing company, in such a situation, creates a development team “dedicated” to only working for their client’s web/software development project. The client has the freedom to hire programmers and assign tasks to each dedicated developer in the team, besides the authority to select developers out of the available profiles.

Why do you need to hire dedicated development team?

As I mentioned before, technology is progressing rapidly. If you’re running a business focused on a particular sector with a specific vision, then you probably don’t have enough time to catch up on the latest trends in software/web development.

But leveraging these trends is important. Obviously, every business, even if it's a small-scale one; benefits from an investment in web or software development. With the rapid increase in usage of technology across myriad industry domains, it is paramount of companies to keep up, and they can’t do so without specializing in technology.

And here is where one realizes the significance of IT Outsourcing. Outsourcing your IT software-based services lets you focus on your mission and vision. Simultaneously, your IT Outsourcing partner ensures that your business processes leverage the latest technologies.

Besides, there’s an obvious reason why IT Outsourcing is a huge industry. The global IT Outsourcing industry was valued at $85.6 Billion US Dollars in 2018, and it is only increasing as we speak.

How to hire a dedicated development team?


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1. Looking for an IT Outsourcing company to hire dedicated developers

Obviously, the first step to hiring dedicated development team for your software project is to find the best source to hire them. Ideally, you should be looking to outsourcing software development from an IT Outsourcing company with a decent amount of experience and an exceptional client satisfaction rate.


But first, you need to know where to look. While seeking an IT outsourcing software development company to hire programmers, it’s best to look for a company located in one of the most popular countries for IT Outsourcing services. This is important because companies located in such regions know their work well enough because everybody they know has been doing the same for years.

As per research by AT Kearney in the 2017 Global services location index, here are the top 5 countries for Offshore Outsourcing:

  • India
  • China
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Brazil

Out of these countries, you would probably prefer outsourcing software development to India. This is because

A- India is the second most populous country.

B- Being a developing nation, the country as no shortage of developers and other professions in the IT Field.

C- India is the largest IT Outsourcing country in the entire world!

2. Establishing contact with an IT Outsourcing software development company to hire dedicated developers

To find an ideal IT Outsourcing software development company for hiring a dedicated development team, there are a few things you’d need to know. The first of these is to look for a company that fits your budget.

You can additionally look for expert software development companies by having a look at lists from Clutch and Goodfirms.

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3. Assembling the dedicated development team

Once you have made your choice about your vendor IT Outsourcing software development company. You need to make plans about the project, discuss its scope and budget with the company’s project managers. Once these details are set, and documentation including the Product Requirements Document are made successfully, only then you should proceed further.

The next step is to choose the dedicated development team to work on your project. In the dedicated development model, the choice is up to you to decide whether you need experienced or amateur developers or those with expertise in multiple stacks.

The main role of the vendor IT Outsourcing software development company is to understand your requirements and fulfill them using their own knowledge and domain expertise.

Take a detailed look at the resume of your prospective developers for the dedicated development team, and don’t be afraid to ask your vendor about details regarding anything beyond your understanding.

4. Maintaining communication with the vendor company

While there are many who think of the dedicated development model of IT outsourcing software development as a communication nightmare, this cannot be farther from the truth. The presence of interactive project management and communication platforms such as Trello and Jira has made it easier than ever for clients to communicate with their software development project managers and dedicated development team working offshore.

Ensure that you maintain constant communication with developers. Ask them to deliver a timeline for any task they do, albeit without the intent of pressurizing them. Give them their time to work on your project, and simultaneously take your time to evaluate their work.


Hiring a dedicated development team for your software development project from an IT outsourcing company can be highly beneficial if you’re looking to keep up with technology. All while not wasting your time hiring resources and figuring out stuff you don’t really know much about.

Outsourcing software development through dedicated development teams let you focus on your expertise while evolving at a technological scale simultaneously.

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