Year In Review : The Hottest Start Up Trend

The startup alternative to annual reports- a trend that is picking speed in the entrepreneurial domain.

Year In Review : The Hottest Start Up Trend

Monday January 21, 2019,

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StartUps & Creative Year In Reviews

Large multinational companies have annual reports. All accessible by the general masses.

Most start up companies on the other hand are privately owned and crave an visibility. In what way could they possibly advertise their growth and progress over the past year without publishing every confidential bit of business?

Also with all the hard work start ups put in, building everything from scratch; there is an overwhelming desire to scream out and publicly announce one's achievements through out the year!

Cue, Year In Reviews and Growth Stories.

Not oddly enough, what with start up culture making literally everything fun; companies have come up with innovative and fun ways where their customer base and market is alerted about their key highlights and anecdotes of success.

Not only do they give the world an insight in to the start up's journey for the past year, but it also gives the organisation's employees a sense of achievement and pride for being a part of that story.

But start ups and analysing the company's annual progress is a pretty tricky business. You can't give out everything. Hello, competition & rivalry!

One of the best examples of a start up nailing their year end review / growth story is GrabOn and their "Surge 2018".

GrabOn Surge 2018

Just a glimpse at the image above and it tells you that it is no ordinary and drab report.

Its vibrant, interactive and most of all extremely informative!

The company has made sure to list out all of they key facts and figures that made their 2018 memorable and successful.

Compare that to any annual report. Sure, these days multinational companies have added a few dashes of colour to them. But all in all , even the most serious investor might not want to go through pages of corporate jargon. The very name "Surge" is intriguing and is a one word alternative to a yearly report.

But this startup's innovative way is engaging and at the same time serves its purpose of giving legit information with figures pertaining to the industry, in this case the coupons and savings sector.

Movie Coupons Redeemed Through GrabOn

Take for example this sneak peak snippet taken from their Surge 2018. Its just a simple data point about how many coupons were redeemed in the movies and entertainment category through their website. But their presentation, the catchy movie references that makes it so endearing to the customer. Also notice the subtle lead generation in there with the link to their movie coupon page! They mean business. In a total fun way.

Its safe to say its not just the industry giants who are uber creative in their approach to presenting data trends and information regarding their financial year. Myntra, Amazon have a ton of creative resources to pull in to when drafting such success stories. But its high time start ups gave them a run for their money with their limited resources. This trend is catching up fast in the start up world with many acknowledging "content marketing" as on of the keys to cracking today's digital market.