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Your Inner Voice

Time to reflect on yourself ...

Your Inner Voice

Tuesday November 20, 2018,

7 min Read

Did it ever happen to you..

You felt as if you are born to become MORE THAN just

a mother or a wife, a daughter or a sister….

You felt as if your life is getting monotonous with the same daily routine- wake up at 5 am, prepare  breakfast, pack lunch for kids, get kids ready, drop them to school, pack lunch for self, get ready for office, non-stop and never-ending calls/emails/meetings, head back to pick up kids after school, no time to change instead quickly fix up and serve the dinner, clean up kitchen, do preparations for next day, pat kids to sleep and then.. suddenly, you realize, one urgent email is still pending  and that one email turns into 1am work and then you are forced to CLOSE the chores for the day and get yourself some 4-5 hours of sleep as there is lot to unpack for the next day..

Did it ever happen to you..

You felt as if YOUR INNER VOICE is telling you that

you need to do something else,brainstorm and think out-of-the-box than to follow the same old routine, each day..

You felt as if you could just get rid of or delegate

one of the common daily chores, so you would be able to take time out for that ONE of many passions, left unfulfilled because you didn’t get a chance to think about them and pursue in the first place..

Did it ever happen to you..

You felt as if you are tired of fitting in when you are born to stand out?

You felt as if there is a better career opportunity that awaits and seeking that would energize you to get out of the bed with an excitement and passion in your heart?

Did it ever happen to you..

You felt as if you want to take that risk and start something on your own?

Ladies.. PAUSE. Take a deep breath. I am talking to you ...yes, YOU…. PAUSE and listen to that "Inner voice"!

Centuries back, when the explorers sailed on the ship and would get lost, they would use North Star to search for directions to reach to their final destination.  Now, compass comes in handy when needed.

Likewise, It is YOUR Inner Voice

that is Your compass, Your North Star,

That helps,

To achieve your ultimate life goals;

To find your Core purpose of life, and,

To connect with your inner soul,

And ladies, that is- Pure Bliss & Peace!

I remember coming across "IF ONLY I could do this.. then I would be happier and at peace" List. I just loved the sound of it, for one simple reason- It radiated positivity and hope. So, one fine day in June 2017, I sat down and started penning my checklist of who I am and what I want to become in next 5 - 10 years -

I realized.. My professional career gives me the energy to start my day.

I realized.. Deep down in my heart, I have a passion to empower others and help them realize their true potential.

I realized.. I would like to volunteer for 4-6 hours a week.

I realized.. I wanted to stay rooted to my spiritual culture.

I realized.. I wanted to be there for my family-in happy and in not-so-happy times.

I realized.. I wanted to actively participate in the activities my kids' enjoy.

And, most importantly I wanted to “Stay Healthy”.

I wanted to create a platform that would allow us to channelize our youth's bubbling energy in the right direction by connecting them to the right Mentors and Advisors who would be instrumental in guiding them personally and professionally in their personal lives and in their careers.

I wanted to become a facilitator for the Colleges and Universities across the globe to design an experience of a lifetime for our youth by helping them get brilliant exposure to studies in the least possible cost and help them choose and build their lives, the way they want to.

I knew I had the competency to accomplish all of what I mentioned above but my health took a toll and my packed work schedule didn't allow me to even think, let alone accomplish what I wanted from my life.

I thought to myself- just like everyone - I have only 24 hours in a day to be able to work towards fulfilling the wish list items. Days and nights spent in and around this thought, I decided to shut my mind and listen closely to that 'inner voice' which was propelling me to QUIT the job I had, the job that I got most comfortable in and rather, start something of my own to have more control on my time, my work schedule and to be able to take time out for checking off the items in my “WishList”. I gathered the courage and took a firm decision- quit my job for good, and started HiEd Success Team in the July of 2017. The HiEd Success Team is an IT consulting firm which assists colleges and universities with their SIS & Reporting efforts. The HiEd Succssteam also launched an initiative to train the youth through Personality development & Internship sessions to make them workforce ready. HiEd SuccessTeam collaborating with IncubationMasters(NGO) to provide the ecospace to Indian Youth to become entrepreneurs and with TLRnow to develop a mentoring platform for personal and professional development.

Fast Forward to today,

The NEW professional journey has just begun but life seems more fulfilling and more peaceful…

In one year after listening to my inner voice -

•    I was able to work from home and be there with kids when they returned from school.

•    I was able to visit my home country, India, three times in one year for family gatherings and festive celebrations which I missed every year for the past 18 years.

•    I was able to sneak some "me-time"- go to the gym and prepare fresh meals.

•    I was able to volunteer for Ekal (a non-profit organization that provides basic education to underprivileged kids)  and became GA cultural coordinator to raise funds and create awareness.

•    I was able to start my own firm HiEd SuccessTeam ,became cofounder of TLRNow and be the advisory member of IM to support the core purpose of my life - which is to support and empower others.

I realized.. We (the women) are the last ones to think about ourselves. For almost all of us, life revolves around our parents, husbands, children and we are confined by our duties towards them – we have no time to think of ourselves, to invest in ourselves, to cherish ourselves. But, here, we should not overlook the fact, that if we are not happy, we can’t make others happy.

We forget..

Before we expect someone to rise in love with us,

we need to learn to be in love with ourselves first!

We have to..

Value ourselves first before we can expect someone to Respect us!

If 'something' seems missing in your life and you are left wondering, what is it, then, listen closely..

Listen closely to a voice within, that pushes you, pulls you, drags you and takes you towards something that you are really meant to do.  

If you choose to listen and Reflect on YOUR INNER VOICE..before it gets too late, your journey to your destination will be as beautiful as the destination itself!

And always, do remember, when you pursue something with all your heart, mind and soul and you're passionate about it, there is a magical cosmic energy which revolves around you- which ensures YOUR Success- be it for personal or professional goals!

My simple message to you is : If I can do it, You can do it too …

If you are lost like I was at one point of time and need help for coaching then connect to me at pree[email protected] to find your passion and your path to your goals.

I would love to hear your story and empower YOU to create YOUR NEW story, your OWN way ...

Preeti Tanwar


[email protected]