Anand Kulkarni

The Founder of AhaPitch.com offers a library of ready-to-use, data-driven chart templates to track key metrics of any startup
Anand Kulkarni is a seasoned business analyst and product manager, with over 19 years of work experience. An MBA graduate from Pune University, he has served some of the best known Fortune 500 companies across India, the UK, and the US. As the Founder of AhaPitch.com, Anand helps startups with his library of professional, ready-to-use, data-driven chart templates for every use case to deliver quick online support.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
Anand explains the key metrics that investors look for in a particular startup when they invest. With his expertise in providing chart templates to professionals, Anand maps out different formulas that startups can use in their daily operations, to maintain a balanced balance sheet. He feels that while monthly investor updates are a good frequency, they may be overwhelming for a very early-stage startup, which may not have enough to report each month. The metrics reported should depend on the stage of the startup, company size, revenue, and next funding requirement. In fact, the startup and investors can agree on the most important three to five metrics that they would like to see, he says.