Anuj Kapur

Highlighting the need for cybersecurity
A management graduate from the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, Anuj Kapur counts more than two decades of experience in sales, distribution, marketing, B2B business development, and country management. This is including nine years of IT background and over 20 years of telecom experience, working with the likes of HCL, PCL, Fujitsu ICIM, Motorola, Samsung, Alcatel Lucent, and Ericsson. But this was before Anuj had dabbled in the domain of cybersecurity. In 2017, he came on board Lucideus, which is a pure play cyber security platforms company incubated out of IIT Bombay and backed by former Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers. In his present role, Anuj’s extensive experience, leading businesses for large organisations in India and growing them significantly, helps him enable multifold growth for a startup.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
That a cybersecurity-oriented approach is the cornerstone of an organisation’s reputation, and more importantly, that of its business’ success, cannot be emphasised enough. Especially in the current scenario, where cyberattacks are imposing a significant threat due to their frequency, magnitude, and impact. But as is the case more often than not, startups, in the race to clock big revenue and achieve prestigious milestones and the ticket to the unicorn club, tend to overlook the need for cybersecurity. Anuj Kapur, in his in-depth pieces on startups and cybersecurity, spotlights this very issue, highlighting the urgency as to why organisations should start treating data breaches and other threats with utmost seriousness. As someone with the technical know-how, Anuj illustrates his concerns with relevant examples – the account on how tech giant Yahoo lost $350 million in valuation due to a data breach – and intriguing stats that not only draw attention to the need of cybersecurity but also forge much-needed conversations around it.