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Bhrigu Seth

Farmer turned environmentalist, strongly believes there is no planet B, so better save this one.
Bhrigu Seth is Co-founder of Responsible Whatr. A graduate in Corporate Finance from San Francisco State University, and a design and IT enthusiast, he earned his degree in 2012 before finding his way back home along with flight loads of ideas and operational methodology. Creating and scaling businesses that impacted people's lives deeply, he decided to follow his passion for farming and eventually conceived Responsible Whatr - a venture which sells natural spring water beverage packed in an aluminium can to solve the problem of waste plastic water bottles.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Bhrigu talks about eco entrepreneurship. In his article, he highlights that when people think of entrepreneurship, founders of large enterprises, or successful businessmen come to mind. In essence, someone driven purely by the motive of profit. But one never thinks of eco-entrepreneurs because we have only been focusing on professional and economic growth all along. He writes about the need to focus on solutions that can save carbon footprints. His article reads that India is becoming aware of the fallout from a consumerist behaviour - owning more vehicles than needed, exploiting natural resources and not giving them time to replenish, and especially the throwaway culture -- where, instead of finding sustainable ways to recycle and reuse, we prefer dumping things. And this taking its toll on the planet. “Eco-entrepreneurship is helping people become responsible professionals while also ingraining sustainable living as a new normal. It is the key to make this world a better place. As Mike Berners-Lee aptly mentioned in his handbook, ‘There is no Planet B’.”