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Deepa Kannan

The ultimate nutrition and yoga guru answering all your health dilemmas.
Deepa Kannan is a functional nutritionist and yoga teacher, who believes in the interconnection of all body systems. Her brand Phytothrive Functional Nutrition Redefine is pioneering a movement in functional nutrition. In her words, with the help of functional nutrition, Deepa is trying to change the perception and the difficulties everyone faces in their daily lives with their body, mind, and spirit.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Deepa has been sharing her expertise on food, nutrition, and health. In fact, she has been instrumental in providing readers with various tips and ideas on how to cope with the coronavirus pandemic — from immunity-boosting foods and drinks, staying healthy during the lockdown, to dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. She says, “My passion is to teach you to use food, lifestyle, and how you connect with yourself and your world to restore yourself in ways you never thought was possible. I want to help you discover why you feel tired, stressed, unwell, or simply not your best and realise how to change this.” “While you might have heard that fish is great for mental health, many people do not actually agree with this. The concern is that farmed fish and many large fish are high in mercury, which can contribute to toxic overload, and thereby, increase brain inflammation. But, if you buy local, fresh, and oily fish like sardines, then they can be very helpful to your brain and mental health.”