Dinesh Jotwani

The legal eagle with an eye for detail, on a mission to bring about a change in the Indian legal system to better the life of the common man
Dinesh Jotwani has nearly 25 years of experience in policy, law, technology, litigation, and government relations, especially in software, trade, IPRs, internet law and cyber crime. He believes India will be economically prosperous if its legal system provides for justice and equality. Dinesh has had a ringside view of the functioning of the Indian legal system and knows its pitfalls. His body of work encompasses the political, social, and economic frameworks of India. He also provides keen insights on corporate law and intellectual property rights through seminars, articles, and creating awareness among the general public, especially among the student community.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
Startups have emerged as the new force to reckon with globally and are disrupting every known business model. This has led to a situation where they face formidable competition from the more established players who are stronger in size and finances. With the biggest weapon startups can have being their innovation capability, Dinesh advocates that startups strengthen their legal framework by adopting intellectual property rights which will lead to patent protection. This not only gives them legal strength but also helps commercially. He provides examples of organisations and businesses having grown exponentially by just patenting their product or service. His clear explanation of how this helps in the long run is a valuable lesson for all startups that are serious about making a big impact in the ecosystem. As Dinesh succinctly puts it: Unless a startup protects its intellectual property rights, its rivals can copy them and steal market share.