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Divyadarshan Chandrasekar

He started his social work at 13, is now a co-leader at Ashoka Young Changemakers
Divyadarshan Chadrashekar works with the global team of Ashoka Young Changemakers. At the age of 13, Divyadarshan and his friends launched a student club for environmental action in his hometown of Trichy, and has led several changemaking initiatives ever since. Prior to Ashoka, he was a programme convenor at Centre for Science Education and Communication, Delhi University, for improving the status of undergraduate education in the country. He completed his Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and during this time, he also worked on a series of social innovation projects on issues like bullying, transgender rights, migrant labours, oral history, and higher education reform.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
In his writing, Divyadarshan covers social issues and organisations that work with these issues. So far, he has touched upon youth-led initiatives that are aiding different social causes. In one of his articles on SocialStory, he talks about Grey Shades, a youth-led initiative that was addressing the need for social and emotional well-being of senior citizens. The group has been active since march, going from door-to-door and ensuring that they help the elderly who are stuck in their houses. He shares another youth-led initiative, Khoon, which addressed the need for blood donors during the lockdown. “As the nation moved into lockdown, blood donation drives were cancelled immediately, throwing the system into a shock. Demand for blood raising form non-COVID-19 related emergency treatment had to be dealt with by a short-circuited supply chain.”